Thursday, April 19, 2018

Take My Picture

Take my picture, if you please.
Capture a moment in time.
Caption it. Frame it. Make me immortal
For the next generation to find.

Pull out the Polaroid. Load up the Nikon.
Prepare to put time in a freeze.
Wait 'til I smile for the world to remember.
Take my picture... Please!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Horse

The smooth sleek contours. The sinewy lines.
Cantering, trotting, running full force.
Is there a more glorious sight to behold
Than god's perfect creature... The horse.

His lineage is long, his heritage proud...
His empire the envy of sultan and king.
His prowess immortal in fable and song,
Who's figure we stride as we grab for the ring.

He was there when the wagons pulled out east to west.
He was there when Geronimo fought for his land.
He was there when the settlers broke the new earth
From the high plains and mountains to the Rio Grande.

Wherever there are monuments to mankind's victory
We never seem to stray too far off course.
The building blocks of history recording man's ascent
Have ridden on the shoulders of the horse.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I love t.v.
I hate t.v.
I can't make up my mind.
It can inform
And entertain,
Or just help you to unwind.
It can divert,
It can transport
To wherever you want to be.
So, any time
You don't want to think,
Just switch on the t.v.

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Monday, April 16, 2018


Nature feeding nature in a mutual fulfillment...
Slaving one another's tasks to a point of near psychosis.
Learning how to nurture one another in the process...
Finding how to live and love and cope through symbiosis.

The river cuts an ugly swath in running to the ocean.
It scars the land with barriers, creating territory.
And yet it feeds and nurtures with it's ever giving waters,
Creating life so varied and too vast for inventory.

The hollowed tree is dying; little left in it's hurrah.
Once mighty, tall and sheltering, it stands a lonely shell.
But to Mr. Owl it's home and hearth; a place to raise a family.
His high-rise condo in the wood; it seems to suit him well.

And what of man and earth? Are we so bold as to assume
That all is well in our relations?
Can it be we're so neurotic?
Man's relationship to everything needs take a different turn.
To save him from himself, man / earth must be symbiotic.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018


There are many things that separate
Mankind from lower creatures;
The way we walk... The way we talk...
The way we flaunt our features.
But of all the many differences,
In spite of all intentions,
The things that makes mankind unique
Are his marvelous inventions.

This penchant man has to create
Has led him to believe
That he must rule; must dominate.
Behind him he must leave
Some miracle; a legacy
To those left to survive;
To make things better, easier;
A joy to be alive.

So, here's to all inventors
And the frustrations they vent
As they strive to improve our lot in life.
Long may they invent.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018


Pretty bubbles in the air;
Floating, falling. Do you care
Where you came from?
Where you go?
Do you really want to know?

How I wonder what you see;
What it's like to be so free.
Riding swiftly on the wind,
Making all the world your friend.

Pretty bubbles in the air,
Do you wonder?
Do you care?

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Welcome To Life

Greetings come with open arms.
A sheltering sign of welcome
Is placed above the door.
Offering comfort, free from harm,
The innkeeper doesn't notice
If you are rich or poor.

Every amenity for every guest;
The sheets and towels in every room
Have all been freshly changed.
The host puts forth his best.
The whole routine has been rehearsed.
The dialogue is prearranged.

Who is to serve and who is served;
There is little doubt for either
Which role they are meant to play.
But still each guest is quite unnerved
When it's check out time
And they learn who is to pay.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Computer Age

Whatever happened to manual labor?
It's now all computerized.
A labor-saving device is developed for
Everything money buys.
Don't get me wrong.

It's not a complaint.
It's not that it fills me with rage.
I'm merely concerned that
We've all become lazy in this,
The computer age.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The earth is stilled,
And all lie peacefully in their beds
Except for the night owl who stalks it's prey,
And those too afraid to forage by day,
Or souls gone so far that they've lost their way.
It's midnight.

The sky is darkened;
Daylight departed hours before.
Only the stars to fill the sky
As the twinkle of moonlight catches the eye.
The earth seems to moan with a heavy sigh
At midnight.

We are reborn...
Rekindling the body with wondrous rest...
Reflecting on folly with family and friends...
Putting the wounds of the day on the mend...
Peace... Meditation... A new day begins
At midnight.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Teeth flashing,  jaws gnashing,
Ripping flesh by width and length
The beast bursts out upon its' prey
With leopard speed and lion strength.

Leaving no time for anger to rise;
No time to react; no time to defend;
No time for tears to well up in the eyes;
No time to cry out for the aid of a friend.

Life starts so slowly...
But it all can be over...

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Monday, April 09, 2018


Don't take life too seriously...
There's no need to moan and complain.
No one from the dawn of time
Has been able to explain
What it really truly is about,
Though millions vainly try.
But life will not apologize
Or give an alibi

Slow down and take a moment
To reflect... To contemplate.
There's nothing so important...
Let it simmer...
Let it wait.
Patience is a friend to all;
A process primed to heal,
But when impatience blocks the way
It becomes a wall of steel.

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Sunday, April 08, 2018


From childhood on we are tempted;
Be it candy, sex or money,
Be it lurid lust,
A lust for wealth
Or the taste of milk and honey.

Temptation waits at every corner
Spinning webs from post to portal;
Dangling treats before our waiting eyes;
Knowing we are merely mortal.

Waiting, watching, patiently biding
It's time; it holds out its treasures.
Quietly hawking and dangling its prize
Filled with dozens of life's little pleasures.

The wise know his tricks.
They've seen him before.
They pass by without hesitation.
Still business is brisk as the unwary pause
And yield to the lure of temptation.

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Thunder and Lightning

Sky cannons in the distance roar.
The darkening sky begins to speak.
The winds, once silent, rushing now
As mountain clouds rise to a peak.

Flash! The distance.  Flash again!
Each one closer than before.
A silent prayer offered up,
"Please, let there be no more."

But still they come as angry gods
Do battle in the sky.
The fiery clash of tempered steel.
The flash that stabs the eye.

Fiercely locked in mortal combat,
Carried swiftly by the wind,
Until fading in the distance.
The earth is calm again.

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Friday, April 06, 2018


When it all settles down
And day winds to a close
The time to relax is at hand.
The shadows walk long,
And the lark sings its song
As the sunlight sinks into the sand.

The world is at peace.
The resting begins.
Oblivion washes our eyes.
And somewhere out there
A mournful refrain to the moon
As it climbs in the skies.

Peace settles over.
The night becomes stilled.
The hustle and bustle?  No more.
The massive hysteria born by the day
Washes softly upon evening's shore.

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Thursday, April 05, 2018


Morning breaks...
   A new beginning.
The earth wakes up again.
Perhaps today
   I'll find a way
To make the world my friend.

Revived. Renewed.
   Refreshed. Reborn.
Rekindled for a new day;
With keen anticipation of
Whatever comes my way.

Don't lay there like a lump
And wish the dawn to go away.
There's nothing like the morning sun
To start a brand new day.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bullfrog Jamboree

The sun settles down to the top of the trees
'Til the sky turns magenta and pink.
The night bird awakes to the passing of day,
And the stars start to flutter and wink.

And deep in the meadow, where waters stand still,
A melody somewhat off key
Comes lilting it's way to a listening ear...
A bullfrog jamboree.

And the crickets accompany them as they sing;
Though harmony is not their aim.
Their symphony sung to a departed sun
Seems little more than a game.

There is something quite soothing in hearing their song;
A secret; a treasure to keep;
A peaceful reminder of simpler times
As we quietly drift off to sleep.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Hot Summer Afternoon

Midday comes too quickly,
And the sweltering has started.
The streaming steaming rays,
The scorching blaze of afternoon.
Shadows creeping longer
Since the morning has departed,
And nowhere do you hear
The creaking squeaking joyous tune
Of crickets singing sweetly
To their lovers in the night.
Replaced by deafening silence;
Fed by scorching rays of light.

And humankind is hiding
Behind walls or under shade,
Except for those who worship sol.
They lie about the glade,
The beach, or mountainside.
They reach to touch his soul;
Their face upturned to the skies;
Their bodies bronzed and gold.
While others of us seek the shelter
Of a cooling shade
To reflect on quiet, simple times,
And sip our lemonade.

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Monday, April 02, 2018


Puffing on those cigarettes
Can cause you nothing but regrets.
The air we breathe is bad enough
Without inhaling all that stuff.

The saddest part for those who smoke
Is they don't realize the joke.
The industry that hawks the dope,
The nicotine and tar, they hope
To pass off as a thing worthwhile.
They'd even have us walk a mile
For that special taste we only get
From puffing on their cigarette.

And while we cough and hack and wheeze
They feed on government subsidies
And laugh at us as we blow rings,
And pay a double price for things
As foolish as the killer weed
Instead of things we really need.

It's time we reevaluate
The things we love,
The things we hate,
The things we do, the things we don't,
The things we will, the things we won't.
The things we do with some regrets,
Like puffing on those cigarettes.

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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Feeling Good

Got my feet back on the ground.
Feeling good.
Grown alert to sight and sound.
Feeling good.
Lungs a' pumping.,heart a' thumping,
Head is telling me that something
Good is taking place.
I'm feeling good.

Got me lifting. Got me shifting.
Got me running in the sun and
Rain and snow.
It's great to know
That everything's all right.
I'm feeling good.

Take the time to run a little.
Get out in the sun a little.
Eat good food and see the doc.
Be aware around the clock
That fitness is a full time job,
And many trends will tend to rob
Us of our health,
Our greatest wealth.
So, don't just sit there like a blob.

Get off your duff and do that stuff
You've meant to do so long.
Build up those leg., Build up those lungs.
And make that pumper strong.
Then you can say you've found the way
To live a fuller life,
To do the things you want to do
So you can go through life
Feeling good.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018


What I think of...
What I dream of...
What I pray
I'll find the way of...

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Where Have You Gone, Amelia Earhart?

Where have you gone, Amelia?
Where have the wild winds taken you?
The fates are crying gently
To see you sail into the blue.
You were the news we longed for
From dawn to setting sun.
The world is waiting, watching.
Amelia, where have you gone?

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hustle * Bustle * Push * Pull

The ever changing skyline of the city by the bay
Is a fascinating creature and a challenge every day.

The people and the bustle and the hustle of the rush
In the ever moving, pulling, pushing, cramming, crazy crush.

It's enough to make you crazy; to push you to the brink.
It can grind your brain to sausage; Drive a sober man to drink.

But the millions seem to love it,
And they come back every day.
They swarm in from suburbia
Like sheep who’ve lost their way.

They do their little daily tasks
To serve their fellow man,
And when they're done they run for home
As quickly as they can.

But that's the way things happen;
The way it's always been.
The winners wind up losers.
The losers seldom win.

So, we feed the social creature
So as not to make us lazy,
And we come back to the city
For our daily dose of crazy.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Miracles of Life

Ours is a memory of sweeter days gone by.
Days of lilting laughter; nights to make us cry.
Memories of growing up in harmony, through strife,
Learning through experience the miracles of life.

Miracles of "laughter" and good humor that we share;
"Faith" and "hope" and "charity";
The things that make us care...
"Compassion" for our fellow-man, and with the one above...
"Friendship" lodged with "loyalty". "trust" begetting "love"...
"Aspirations" giving rise to even greater change.
While "health" will bear our burden,
And "truth" will hold the reins.

And all of these are miracles.
Each cause has its effect.
And every one will follow one,
And each one will direct
Us as we make our way from dawn to dusk.
They give us our direction;
For each one has a special link...
A valuable connection.
And when they come together
To form that special chain,
It's a band that can't be broken
And no mortal can explain.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

All Your Sweet Love

All your sweet love
You give to me.
Heart filled with passion
So heavenly.
Safe in your arms
I long to be.
Now and forever
You give to me
All you sweet love.

Two hearts together
Beating as one.
Arms to enfold me
Awaiting the dawn.

All your sweet love
You save for me.
We'll be together
Always your love
I vow to be.
Now and forever
You give to me
Your sweet love.
All your sweet love.

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Monday, March 26, 2018


ROADS            BEFORE








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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Isn't It?

Helping me
Help, lest we fail.

Needing me
Need we prevail?

Arrogance drives
While ignorance strives,
And love merely dies.
What a pity.

However we long
To never be wrong
And always be strong...
If not witty.

It must hold true.
We must carry through.
We need to have love...
We must have love!

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Autumn Leaves

The most beautiful sight this world will see
Is the autumn shades of a leafy tree.
Yellow, orange, red and gold;
Their colors stand out so gallant... So bold.

The autumn tree stands straight,
Stands tall...
Turns away none...
Offers shelter to all.
Until cruel winter winds,
The sleet, the snow
Make waste of the colors
That so brightly glow.

But I'm not downhearted, not filled with dismay,
When cold cruel winter chases autumn away.
I know the spring blossoms
And warm summer rain
Will bring autumn leaves
Back to me again.

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Friday, March 23, 2018


I waft a sigh,
Suppress a cry,
Considering alternatives.
This one, that one, which one
Holds the recipe acceptance gives.
Must I seek to die to find
That Xanadu where comfort lives
Or is there something in between
Where hope can breathe
And life forgives?
Acceptance is the thorny prize,
The brass ring on the carousel.
The more often we can grab it
The less likely we are bent to fail.
The process may be fraught with doubt,
Denial and anger too may follow
And pride may tend to overstep
To make decisions hard to swallow,
A step away from yea or nay,
A courtship of insanity,
The last step in the grieving process,
The first step toward humanity.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Willows Again

I feel so lonely deep inside.
I want to see the willows again.
I used to wave as they waved back;
Or were they waving at the wind.

They were so graceful swaying there,
Bending down and sweeping low.
The gentle breezes in their hair...
They love the breeze you know.

I remember the day as I lay in her shade...
The sky was sinking and gold.
When suddenly I turned my eye
In wonder to behold
A sight I'll not forget
If I lived a thousand years.

Silhouetted in the sky,
An eagle sweeping slowly 'round.
The beauty of that moment was
The greatest I have ever found.

The sky...
The eagle...
The willow...
And me.


We captured that time and made it our own.
Oh! To see the willows again.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Long Way Around Is the Sweetest Way Home

The long way around is the sweetest way home,
Or so I've heard country folk say.
No matter how far you may wander or roam,
The long way around is the sweetest way home.

When I was much younger than I am today
My time was too precious to flitter away.
I rushed and I hurried at work and at play
Until one day I heard a friend of mine say,
"The long way around is the sweetest way home.
You see things much better that way."
No matter how far you may wander or roam,
The long way around is the sweetest way home.

We'll stop on the way
Just to savor the day,
And we'll watch and we'll listen
To what people say.
We'll smell all the roses
And not be alone.
The long way around is the sweetest way home.

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