Saturday, October 21, 2017

You're the One

You're the one who picks me up
When all the world would knock me down
And leave their footprints on my soul.
You complete me, make me whole.

Wandering through aimless seas,
I heard your sultry siren's call,
Found your island in the mist,
Tasted lips as yet unkissed

By one whose heart could claim your own.
We became a single soul
United by a pledge so sure,
So strong that it must long endure.

Other eyes may tempt and tease
With peacock feathers fluttering,
But there's no chance that I might yield.
I've no desire to play that field.

My love for you can't be undone.
No contest.   You are the one.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Knockdown-drag out

So, we disagree…. Big deal! So what!
Let's not make it World War III
A knock down-drag out mugging
With but one survivor when it's done.

Let's not say those hurtful things that
Anger brings to lesser minds,
Firing darts into the heart,
Emptying our verbal gun.

I have so much love for you,
Seeds of honor and respect that
I'll not seek to desecrate the
Firm position that you hold.

Instead I'll seek to use your eyes
To see your view, to stand your stand.
Seeking out the humble piece
Of common ground our hearts enfold.

Knock down. Drag out. Winner takes all.
That's no way for lovers to be.
Compromise is easy when you
Look to see what others see.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fair Weather/Foul

Life isn't always peaches and cream.
In eating its fruit we sometimes taste
The pits and find it bittersweet;
Not so easy to endure.

And you have been there through it all,
Sharing the bounty along the way,
Sharing the load, laughing the laugh,
Crying when sadness raises its head.
I loaned you my shoulder and you took my hand
As we stood together united as one.
No one could cut us to make us bleed.
Nothing would part us this side of heaven.
I shall take your laughter to my grave
In fond remembrance of your face.
But more I cherish friendship's grace
Through weathers fair/weathers foul.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

You Win

Life's too short for arguments.
You win.
Let's not cross that restless stream
Again with all its heartaches
And abysmal lies.  The tearful eyes
Too proud to say I'm sorry or
Excuse me for not listening.
Sunlight beaming, gleaming
Upon the rapid waters edge,
Both feet dangling from the ledge.
I regret not telling you
More often how I need your love
To guide me through the murky trials
As life reviles and shuns my name.
Why I could not give the same
Undying trust you gave to me is
One of life's great mysteries.
It will not occur again.
This I vow.
You win.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Life is an Adventure

From the moment of birth
When an innocent child shares
The same air with its mother,
The adventure begins,
And the flight doesn't end
Until ashes reclaim what they gave.

Front seat on the roller coaster
As it slowly climbs the hill
Topping the crest and
Plummeting down to a certain death.

As wave after wave of
Adrenaline gushes through
Over-stretched veins,
Eyes growing too large to see.
The mind become mush as 
The body grows limp and
Legs fail to carry their weight.

Ready to heave
Once the hassle is over
Promising "never again".
Yet knowing full well that
You've caught the addiction
That no force on earth can abate.
Life's an adventure, ready to wear,
Traveling in circles, awaiting the dare.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Second Chance

I've been hoping for a second chance.
You've been holding me off at a distance
Ignoring all my calls.
You've been out there with some other someone 
While I'm sitting here night after night
Staring at these four walls.

He says he wants you and that he'll always be true.
But you know deep inside that it's
Foolish for you to agree.
Your heart is breaking because you know the truth.
You're really alone
And you'll only be happy with me.

You walked away because I was afraid
To give all my heart.
You were exciting but I wasn't ready to dance.
Now things are clear and I know without fear
What I need is you.
Say you'll forgive me and give us a second chance.

I've been praying that you'll see the truth.
You can only imagine the Hell you've 
Been putting me through.
But I won't mind it if in the end I find
This long dusty road is the pathway that
Leads me to you.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Know That Song

That's the song they played
The very first time we danced together.
That's the tune we sang as we strolled
Hand in hand along the beach.
That's the song we listened to
The first time that we shared a kiss.
That's the haunting melody we heard 
The night we fell in love.

Life's great moments often are
Reflected in a single song, 
Coupled with a memory which
Takes us back to yesterday.
Private mini-celebrations 
Dance around inside our heads
Stirring up emotions that are
Sure to bring a smile our way. 

It could happen any time
As life's great journey strolls along.
The airwaves stir and you reflect,
"Ah yes! I know that song."

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Empty Nest

This house was once a teaming, screaming,
Rowdy loud menagerie.
Sometimes it seemed a thousand feet were
Pounding floor from dawn to dusk.
At times my own voice cracked as I related
My displeasure with
The maddening annoyance
Singing, ringing in my ear.
Praying for a moment, just one
Minutes peace to calm my nerves.
Wondering if it would have been 
Wiser to be celibate.
Settling disputes with the diplomacy of
Solomon. Finding commonality to 
Wash away all doubt and fear.
Now there's such a peaceful calm
Surrounding every moment that
I feel as though my life is truly blessed.
And yet at times I find myself reflecting 
On the sweetness of the life we knew
Before our empty nest.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Love's Consequence

You would have me change, but
I don't want to change.
I like myself.
Just the way you see me
Is the way that I intend to stay.
You keep saying you've made 
Your concessions just
To be with me,
But your confession isn't what I need
To make me change my way.

Haven't I expressed to you\
I love you just the way you are?
Wouldn't have you change a thing
Or make you sing a different song.

…Except for just a few annoying habits.
Oh! Such little things like
Always being late.
You know I hate to have to wait too long.

And what about the way you jump on
Every little phase or fad?

…Hold on just a second.
Maybe change is not so bad.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Lot Of Work To Do

Listen to the lovers as they
Bicker, tease and pine away
For what they haven't yet achieved
In their great quest for total joy.

Dreams laid often by the wayside
Waiting patiently their turn,
Battered, shattered, beaten, broken,
Like a child's forgotten toy

Brave hearts will pick up the pieces,
Mend the break and carry on
With hope renewed and vision
Rising over that of lesser men.

Goals revised and redirected,
Spirits bolstered and renewed.
Never minding failure, finding 
Favor to begin again.

If a dream is worth pursuing,
Always keep it within view. 
If perfection is our goal,
We've got a lot of work to do.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cherry Blossom Smile

Show me just a little of 
That cherry blossom smile. 
Not too much, 
Just enough to last me for a little while.

Wouldn’t want to overload 
Else I be filled with wild desire and 
Unable to concentrate on 
Anything except your fire.

Must admit a lustful bit of 
Anguish when I hear your name. 
Cannot hide the awesome pride of 
Knowing that you feel the same.

We are two and we are one, 
And that is how it’s meant to be. 
Yesterday until forever, 
Lifetime is our destiny.

Every footstep hand in hand, 
We face every trial, 
And everything I need is in 
Your cherry blossom smile.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Follow into wonderland. 
I know Alice wouldn’t mind 
The company of one more fool 
As she winds through her fantasy.

Riding on her magic mushroom 
Hiding behind Cheshire grins,
High tea parties, 
Birthday wishes, 
Getting large, then small again.

Bashful dormouse taking cues from 
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Dum, 
Bash heads with the Queen of Hearts 
Until your tale is a conundrum.

Land of wonder
Isle of pleasure 
Transport to another plain, 
Transitory sanctuary, 
Only fantasy remains.

Feeding souls the breath of freedom 
From the humdrum daily plan. 
Respite sought but for a moment, 
Peace abides in Wonderland.

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Old People

There’s something to be said for growing older. 
When you think of the alternative
It’s not so bad at all. 
In fact it would seem sad to miss 
That time of quiet reflection, 
Remembering the good, the bad, 
The Cinderella ball.

The burdens of the world upon their shoulders, 
Though labor seems to be a slave of youth. 
Quiet desperation to find harmony,
Seeking the benevolence of unrelenting truth.

Every wrinkle, every line a story to be told, 
Lessons learned more valuable than solid bricks of gold, 
Treasures far too precious to be ever bought or sold, 
Guiding young hearts through the trials 
As pangs of youth unfold.

Never doubt the force old people harbor. 
To waste the knowledge of their years 
Would surely be a crime. 
Though youth would seek the power and the glory, 
Power comes from wisdom 
And wisdom grows with time.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017


Never know about tomorrow. 
        Can’t rely on yesterday 
                To catch the brass ring of forever 
                         On this busman’s holiday. 

Sweep the floor of dusty sorrows. 
        Cannot use them anyway. 
                Damn the foil of stormy weather 
                         If it dares get in the way.

Do not be afraid to borrow. 
        You’ll repay the debt someday 
                Before the beast of leave-me-never 
                         Comes to steal your soul away.

Even when the path is narrow 
        And the sky turns steely gray 
                 Hope will rise with feathered wings
                         On gentle breezes of today.

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Roll of the Dice

Life is a crapshoot… 
        Roll of the dice, 
Waltz-around cakewalk 
        Sold by the slice, 
Meat and potatoes 
        Seasoned with spice, 
Waiting for sundown to fall.

Step to the table, 
        Your turn to roll, 
Seven eleven 
        Set point to goal, 
Game on and gamble, 
        Watch it unfold, 
Shoot for the top of the wall.

Paying the piper or
        Rolling in clover, 
Magpie or mute 
         Rounder or rover, 
Pick up the pieces to 
        Start it all over, 
Banking on winning it all.

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Friday, October 06, 2017


Silent tiptoes ushering 
An angel chorus from on high,
A single note, 
        A breathless sigh
Leaves a feathered cloud of dreams
Soft upon my waiting pillow.

Never seems to be too much, 
Ever welcome to the touch, 
Always cotton-candy sweet to taste, 
If dreams were made of such.

Rapid eyes survey the scene, 
Anxious to view everything and more 
If more presents itself  
Beneath the glow of starlight beams.

Anything and everything is possible it seems. 
Flights of fancy are forever,
Living on in dreams.

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Picture is Worth

Press a button 
        Snap a shutter 
                Instant memory
                         Captured in time.

Keeper historical 
         All categorical
                 Storybook treasures 
                         Of reason and rhyme.

Telling a tale of
        Fantastical youth.
                 Shining bright fortune of
                         Beckoning truth.

Brazenly bold 
        Through the heat, in the cold, 
                More revealing than sunlight, 
                         More precious than gold.

Devine distinction 
        In frolic and mirth, 
                Measures untold 
                        What a picture is worth.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Do the Right Thing

No hiding allowed in this sacred shrine, 
No holiday from fractured facts, 
No merciful dispensation from
Magnanimous benefactors.

Time to step into the light, 
To say the say 
        Do the do 
Be the one who is the one 
Regardless of distracters.

Praise the opportunity 
The glory of enlightened grace 
When all the nay-say’s folly foils and 
Worship comes to heroes.

You and you alone will reap 
The harvest from her fertile field 
Sewn in truth and vigilance 
Where silent conquest grows.

No one knows the outcome 
When you opt to fight the fight; 
Simply that the only course…
To choose to do things right.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Best There Is

To hope 
        To give 
                To try and be 
The best
        The very best there is
A model 
        For the world to see.

Purpose for 
        The purposeless 
Primed and ready 
         To confess to 
Faults perceived 
        And unperceived 
Through controversy 
        And distress.

Holding tight 
        To purity
Reaching out 
        with surety
Striving without
        Food or rest 
Intent to be 
        The very best.

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Monday, October 02, 2017

Hearts Aflutter

Young love tends to make me smile; 
Hearts aflutter
Giddy laughter 
Sweet surprises of amazement,
First time blushing flushing cheeks.

Optimism running rampant 
Common sense a distant glen where 
Foggish mist obscures all vision 
Save the light in lover’s eyes.

And who’s to say where love may lead? 
Who is seer of mystic power 
Adept with craft of bold prediction? 
Can one know what is unknown?

Time reveals the hidden treasures 
Buried deep beneath the stone. 
Lovers with their hearts aflutter 
Need not face the search alone.

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Cavalry Charge

Heed the cry of innocence lost to 
Hapless heathen reckless wrath. 
No amount of weepy wailing 
Halts the imminent attack.

Not for lack of warning 
Nor a need for preparation, 
Just grasshopper mentality, 
Never forward, 
Never back.

Now raise the call to summon forces. 
Now sound your bugle loud and strong. 
Call your horses from their stables 
Swift and ready for the fray. 

Now draw your sabers, feed your cannons, 
Let the battle lines be drawn. 
Let your lightning and your swiftness 
Be the savior of the day.

In the aftermath of battle, 
The reset of memory, 
Praise the bravery and the daring 
Of her wondrous cavalry.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Marching Marching All Fall Down

Here we go a marching, marching, marching, 
Every step a straight line, heel and toe, 
Pressing with precision ever forward 
To a destination no one knows.

Pacing the parade grounds, hut – two – three – four, 
Passing the review stand, 
All eyes right. 
Tiny beads of sweat on eyebrows forming, 
Keeping the formation ever-tight.

Bugles blare and drums drum, 
Trombone, cymbals, 
Clarinet and tuba keeping pace. 
Every note a sweet song stringing memories, 
Sugaring a smile on every face.

Now the march is over, 
Silence steps in, 
No one in the anywhere makes a sound. 
Out of breath and spent with satisfaction, 
Marching, marching, 
All fall down.

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Friday, September 29, 2017


He touches her hand and
      She gently responds by 
          Opening her velvet fingers 
Extending her heart to 
     His all-familiar palm. 
          She reads his thoughts. 

Not a word need pass between
     As their pulse becomes one,
          Their eyes intertwine, 

Two souls lost in time and
     For one fleeting moment 
          Each one is the other. 
No questions.

Walking together hand in hand
        Down pathways familiar 
                Recalling the past
Greeting old friends as 
        They stroll through the park 
               Passing a bit of their time.

Quiet and still at 
        The end of the game 
                Sitting together, alone in the dark. 
Leisurely, lovingly 
        Lost in contentment.
               No need for words. 
They’d just get in the way.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Going Down Slow

Took a long time getting here, 
A point where satisfaction dwells, 
A place where calm reaction sells 
For half the price and 
Without fear of

Contradiction or repression, 
Vacant of all consternation, 
Open to interpretation, 
Balanced to aggression.

Here the ground is always level 
Never teetering the bevel 
Notwithstanding the dishevelment 
That tries to shoulder in. 
Up the game to keep it going,
Keep the waters calm but flowing, 
Satisfaction in the knowing 
Where it all will end.

Meet the incline at a pace 
Where confidence can grow. 
It’s a journey, not a race, 
Meant to go down slow.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Last Wish

I’ve made wishes on a star, 
Thrown pennies in a fountain,
Looked deep into a wishing well 
To make my longings known, 
Rubbed lamps expecting swirly smoke 
To conjure up a set of three,
Even lifted silent prayers 
When I was all alone.

Children’s play, these expectations, 
Careless folly edged with greed, 
Birthday wishes blowing candles, 
Secrets no one else may know.
Pull a wishbone with your sister 
Hoping for the shorter stem, 
Or was it the longer? 
Can’t remember in truth. 
It was so long ago.

Whatever divine sorcery 
Can make a fervent wish come true, 
My wish, my one last wish would be 
Just one more day 
        To spend with you.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Fluffy white
        The bright clouds billow
Landing softly
        On my pillow
Swaying gently
        Like the willow
Shadowing the stream. 

Kisses soft 
        Upon my cheek
Whispered words
       Of velvet speak 
Vistas from 
      A mountain peak 
To fill my heart with dreams.

Soaring in
      A wingless flight 
Ever upward 
        To the light
Reaching deep 
        Into the night 
Where starlight lends its beams.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

A Minor Inconvenience

No one wants to think about 
The broad swath of the Reaper’s scythe, 
The sure inevitability that 
This is but a mortal shell,

Our time allotted a mere instant 
In the span of Mother Earth, 
Hardly time to blink an eye, 
A story far too hard to tell.

There are those who pause and ponder 
What and why and where and when, 
Many who would beg and plead 
A chance to do it all again.

There are those who seize the moment 
Knowing well there is no end,
Just a minor inconvenience 
Before a new life can begin.

Wheels that turn, 
A twisting pinwheel in the wind,
There are always new beginnings 
If you know where to begin.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Breaking Bread

Come and sit down at my table, 
Take a deep breath and relax.
Say a tiny prayer but keep it to yourself. 
Can’t offend the non-believers, 
Cannot thank our Benefactor, 
Can’t let others think that 
We’re the freaky zealots that they fear.

Seems a pity, keeping secrets, 
Feels like lying in effect, 
Breaking bread with those who loathe us and despise 
Every nuance of our being, 
Every breath our lungs may draw, 
Every word our lips might whisper in their ear.

If we are to make a difference 
We must penetrate their camp,
Must lay bare the fallen idols of despair. 
We must be the best example, 
Must rise above the rest, 
Let our actions be the only thing they hear.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Star

You are the first star 
In the heavens tonight 
Piercing the dark northern sky, 
Racing the moon to the 
End of horizons, 
Wiping a tear from my eye.

Nobody told me that 
You were a teaser. 
I was at ease with your light, 
But you were so fleeting 
I couldn’t catch you and 
You disappeared in the night.

Caution was warned but 
Quickly abandoned 
As you put me under your spell. 
Chasing a dream 
Choosing at random 
Listening to hear all the stories you tell.

Tell me you’ll stay. 
Give me something to cling to
When dawn comes to steal you away. 
Your precious light will not 
Fade with the morning. 
You will be with me… 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Let’s Dance

Such a gracious host, 
A wonderful party, 
Engaging guests sharing 
Bright conversation, 
This enormous house filled 
With myriad treasures, 
The talk of the neighborhood 
In many ways.

All the gold and the glitter 
That one can imagine, 
The brazen temptation of 
Gluttony’s walk, 
The back-slapping promises, 
Whispered suggestions, 
Bold indiscretions 
Flaunted out loud.

You and I came here but 
We’re not the same here. 
We won’t pay blame here, 
Won’t take that chance. 
Let’s just dance.

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