Sunday, October 30, 2011

The End of the Day

It all comes down to this.
Here I sit
          Pondering the questions
               Questioning decisions
                    Deciding on directions
                         Directing my own fate.
Did I choose the right things?
Opt to pull the right strings?
Help the angels earn their wings?
Did I pull my weight?

Reflection serves to move the pile,
A laundry list
     Of dos and don’ts
          Wills and won’ts
               Frills and flaunts
                    From every side.
But all that’s left to lead the way
When silence stalks the end of day
Is peaceful bliss that comes to stay
And will not be denied.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shifting Sands of Time

Time has a habit of slipping away
As she constantly moves in a finite direction,
No stepping back,
No childhood do-overs,
Only now and tomorrow,
Only here and hereafter.

But that doesn’t cede that
The past holds no meaning,
Or should be diminished in memory’s vault.
Her treasures are deep
And her lessons are many.
Her halls and her chambers
Lined with love, dreams and laughter.

And though the sands may shift underfoot
As the tides roll out,
As the tides roll in,
We stand at her shore
And search her horizon,
Amazed at the bounty she holds deep within.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Can’t see it,
But I know when it’s there,
Know when it’s being denied to my lungs.
Can’t taste it,
Though some may insist that they
Know it exists at the tip of their tongue.
Can’t feel it
Except for the breeze as it
Brushes my cheek with a warmth or a chill.
Can’t keep it.
Must give it back once its sustenance ends
And its mission fulfills.

Blessed giver…
     Warden of life…
          Imperceptible stream,
Though I’ve never seen you,
     I know you are there
          Upholding my dream.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Day

Gentle wishes…
Sweet air kisses…
Schemes and dreams and
Pony-tail swishes…
Air-brushed memories,
So delicious,
Dare to take my breath away.

Table scapes of
Comfort dishes
Flood the senses
With delicious
Sweet sensations,
Bold temptations,
Begging me come out to play.

Out of scope…
Filled with hope…
Dangling carrot from a rope,
Trying desperately to cope with
Trials that try to block my way.
Knowing that the prize awaits,
Even when I tempt the fates,
I see beyond the garden gates
There lies another day.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Not In My Control

Sorry, nothing I can do.
Not for me to worry over.
Far from any path I travel
In this maze of circumstance.
Even though my interest peaks,
Even if the issue speak,
It is not in my control,
Not my problem,
Not my dance.

If I can help,
If I can change,
If I can make a difference,
Then I will stand
And I will speak,
I will find significance.
But if it’s not in my control
I will not let it rattle me.
Too much else in my concern
To give away my sanity.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

It's Time

No more watching
No more wondering
No more sad mistakes and blundering.
It’s time.
The work may never be complete
Wrapped in ribbon nice and neat
All laid out at Fortune’s feet but
It’s time.
Time to end procrastination
Time to forego reservation
No more thought or hesitation.
Let it go
It’s time.

Dreams are whispers in the wind
Somewhere up around the bend
Waiting like a trusted friend
It’s time.
Time to question
Time to be
Time to let the whole world see
It’s time.

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Filled To Overflowing

People always talk about
A cup half full
A cup half empty
 I’m too busy dealing with
A cup that’s filled to overflowing.
Hefty measures
Great and small
That weigh into the overall
Decisions to be battered round,
Which direction to be going.
Tossed into the everyday,
The mix and mesh is simple play
And I can deal and get away
Without the devil even knowing.
Too content with happiness,
So intent, a simple guest,
Always looking for the best
My soul just keeps on growing.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

New Beginnings

Fortune rises from the depths where
Darkness once caressed my soul,
Lifted out from marbled crypt to
Fly on wings of feathered light
With hope rekindled,
Faith renewed
I seek horizons in the distance.
Forests fall as roads unfold to
Wind their way in new directions.

No longer shall the demons haunt
Nor slackers taunt to block my view.
Blessed to know the up-ahead
Holds no resemblance to the past.
Striding bold into the sunset
Where tomorrow is today.
Every day a new beginning
Offered on a silver tray. 

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