Thursday, December 25, 2014


Faith is a pillar that
Stands straight and strong,
Symbol of right in a
World that’s gone wrong.

Faith is a pillow of
Feathery down,
Compass of comfort in a
Realm spinning round.

Faith can move mountains,
Conquer all seven seas,
Leap to the moon to
Defy gravity.

Faith seeks the truth behind
Desperate lies that
Linger in shadows where
Decency dies.

Faith is believing
Through sorrow and strife.
Manna from Heaven
Nourishing life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Life is just a deck of cards
To shuffle and deal, win or lose.
All who choose to play the game
Accept the levy of their fate.
The finite possibilities are unforeseen
Til hands are called and
Kismet floats with subtle kiss
To spin her wheel of destiny.

Eight ball rests upon the rail
Or teeters at the pockets edge 
As fools lay wager, skill or luck,
Bank or combination shot.
The level of a steady hand,
The measure of what’s meant to be,
Divinity or providence, the
End results are still the same.

And luck is but a fickle mistress
Pleading for just one more chance to
Grab the glory found in fortune
With no thought of consequence,
While Karma lingers near the borders
On her wild horse carousel
And fate the only one who knows
The final chapter of the tale.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye

No one likes to say goodbye
When loved ones part with mournful sigh
And dare to beg the question,
It turns a beating heart to stone.

A tear or two to soothe the soul,
But still the story goes untold.
The ending lurking in the cold
Unyielding darkness, all alone.

Never seems to go away,
Recurring with each break of day.
A bitter price for hearts to pay,
A chill that settles to the bone.

Should be,
         Must be,
                  Will be more.
Someday upon another shore,
Another chance,
         Another door,
Another world where hope is grown in
Gardens lush and free from pain,
We will meet to love again.

Monday, December 22, 2014

My First Car

Chevy, vintage 1953.
Only slightly younger than me
When I turned sixteen and
Started to drive, fresh with the
Freedom of being alive.

Yellow and white as I recall,
Slow to start, but
Quick to stall.
Automatic transmission they say,
When the gears didn’t slip.
She had her own way.

Often in need of a push
Or a jump.
More often than not
A pain in my rump.
No money to spend
Except to buy gas.
Repairs were a luxury taken to task.

Driveway decoration
-Belle of the ball -
A tastier memory I can’t recall.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Prayer for Peace

One may hasten to believe that
Prayer is cure for every ill that
Humanity might sore conceive, a
Magic panacea pill.

One my listen to the news
With wonder and bewilderment,
Knowing that such travesty
Could never have been heaven-sent.

One may walk a pious path
Professing reverence as a creed while
Behind a mask, on bended knee,
Praying only in self-serving need.

One may make a passionate plea
For all who stand in desperate need,
Victims of misfortune or
Another hungry mouth to feed.

One may pray an end to wars,
May violence forever cease.
If granted an answer to just one prayer,
Let it be a prayer for peace

Friday, December 19, 2014

A World Undone

I know that feeling,
     The feeling of one.
Adrift on a desert,
     A whole world undone,
Praying for shelter from
     Cruel midday’s sun,   
No word of comfort
     From anyone to
Ease the anguish
     Left in the wake of
A melted mind, of
     A heart that breaks.
Tossed in the rush of
     A fiery lake,
Trapped in the rubble
     Left by the quake.

If time is the healer
     A broken heart needs
Then hasten its passing
     Wherever it leads.
More weathered miracles,
     More races to run.
Faith finds Her passion
     When worlds come undone.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Sir Raven rides on velvet wings to
Cast and eerie shadow on an unsuspecting,
Unprepared, unenlightened muddled mob of
Misfits eager to be pleased,
Who dance the day away with ease
And pray the daylight fade away
To mask the folly of their play.

Darkness treks with silent footfall
Striding west to chase the sun,
Painting scenes of ghostly gray to
Cover cabin, field and farm. The
Quiet drifter’s subtle charm
Speaks soft romance by candlelight,
The coming of the sacred night.

Blessings of a peaceful slumber
Grace the chambers of repose to
Chase and banish daylight’s demons,
Consequence of battles born.
Rest a weary heart til morn
To wake upon a newborn day as
Nightfall gently slips away.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sad Days Remembered

No. No, don’t need any more crying.
Had enough of that sad condition.
Battled that bastard into submission
Forward and back
         To the gates of Perdition.
Flooded a river, a lake and a sea leaving
Only a desert inside of me.

Forget you?
No. I can never forget you.
Don’t want to. Don’t want to miss the
Smile in your eyes,
The flower of surprise you always grew,
How your world was always fresh and new,
The downy feathers of a heart so true.
The oneness I could only find in you.

Sad days are worth remembering,
They’re with us anyway.
A tear-stained passage from an old love letter,
A wax-nostalgia marathon
Of berry-scented memories
To make the days to come feel so much better.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Somewhere in a distant gaze
The vast horizon looms and lords
His majesty upon the lands,
Touching, clinging earth to sky,
Reaching far beyond the eye where
Angels walk and eagles fly and
Sunsets whisper with a sigh as
Footprints dance across the sands.

Clouds, like artist, paint the heavens
With their shades of rakish gold as
Silent thunder begs to speak the
Comfort of a long-lost friend. The
Courage gathered to begin to
Set a broken heart to mend and
Learn to live in peace again in
Meadows just beyond those peaks.

Withered hope may yet survive to
Flourish on a distant rise, a
Subtle spark to light the eye.
     Dreamers never question why.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I’ll Call You

Waiting for a call that never comes,
Clinging to a mem’ry from a broken hollow shell.
I only paint my walls with promises,
A candle in the window,
As silence lingers in a way
I’ve come to know so well.
Heaven seemed so close that I could taste,
Til all that milk and honey disappeared without a trace
And left me standing here wondering what to do.
I wipe the tearstains from my pillow
As my heart breaks right in two.
You said, “I’ll call you.”
You knew it wasn’t true.
And I believed in you.
I feel like such a fool.
I’ll take my broken heart and put it on the mend,
And maybe someday I can learn to love again.
Time can cure, but some wounds never heal.
Holding on to better times
Can only serve to steal
A chance for happiness to share
With someone new.
Passing up on choices for
A dream that won’t come true.
You said, “I’ll call you.”
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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wet Floors

Caution! Cuidado!
Piso mojado.
Floors may be hazardous,
Slippery when wet. Though we
Try to foresee her with oracle eyes, 
The future rides vapors
Of hope and regrets.

She slides past the window, barely perceptible.
Vast possibilities offer a tease
Building blinding ambition of princes and palaces,
Dreams of a life rich with comfort and ease.

And who is her master?
Who is the one who holds every key?
Unlocks every door?
Who is her slave? Her butler? Her servant?
Doing her bidding while swabbing her floors.

Vague preparation prescribes perspiration
And ego engages in mocking behavior.
But no one may know when
The master comes calling,
So we slide across wet floors
And pray for her favor.