Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bigger Picture

Searching through the scrambled pieces,
Hundreds, thousands, maybe more
Scattered loosely, helter skelter
Laid out on the puzzle board.
Trying hard to find an interlocking place
To fit, to be,
To integrate with all the rest
And form a perfect symmetry.

No one piece can be forgotten,
Not a single one misplaced,
Else the picture be misshapened
Vision hopelessly erased.
But when the whole has come together
And each piece knows where it should be,
Witness all the bigger picture
Formed with perfect clarity.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tortured by the husking fruitless
Daily crush of energy marauders
Vexing, ever vexing and
Flexing brawny sinuous flesh,
Flaunting faux powers in feckless faces.
Pity the fools.

I close my eyes,
Lower my expectations and
Wait for sweet dreams
To invade my property.
Oft times comes easy,
Approaching angelic.
The bully backs down
Looking elsewhere for folly.
Prison bars soften and the gates open wide
As velveteen breezes offer their wings
Leaving me free to escape to Nirvana
Where honey flows free
And roses e’er bloom,
And thoughts are but whispers
Born on the wind.
I will linger here a while to
Follow the dream,
Seize the ring.
No misgivings for time well spent.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Silly Giggles

Nostalgic for the good old days
Of life’s simplistic interludes,
When dreams were fresh as lavender
As sunlight burns the morning dew.

Silly giggles way back then
Were all the sport we ever sought,
No responsibilities could
Trump the task of levity.

And weren’t we happy with our lot?
Time and trial our last concerns.
Foresight was for other fools
To dole and dither fitfully.

Sad to lose the youthful verve
That spawned so many memories, but
Time can be a spiteful mistress
If allowed to have her way.

Now in twilight do I find
The subtle nuance of her gift.
The looking back rekindles joy that
Silly giggles gave us then.

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Saturday, May 07, 2011


Mindful embraces form
Elegant sources
Gently caressing the
Lace-covered edges of memory 
Harboring every emotion,
As I feel your Heartshine
Soft on my face.

Brighter than sunlight,
Fresher than springtime,
Warmer than summer
I bask in your glow.
Supple as willow trees
Free-flowing branches
Dancing with breezes,
I hold your embrace.

Welcome sweet Heartshine,
Come stay a while.
Linger til long shadows
Fade into night.
Joy is your reverie,
Truth your companion,
Beckoning all
To join in your chase.

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