Sunday, January 30, 2011

Watching the Freak Show

Now, I'm no raving beauty, it's true,
But there is one thing, for sure, that I know.
The freaks are alive and they live everywhere,
And they never fail to put on a show.
They travel the halls and they frequent the malls
Aimlessly roaming the streets without fear,
And I wonder and ponder as they pass me by
Is it possible they own a mirror?
If they do, do they use it? For I just can't see
How they hope to be understood.
Do they stand there before it and think to themselves,
"Damn it all! I'm looking good!"
It seems that they've really gone out of their way
To tickle the fringe of the truly absurd.
My thought is to laugh, but I hold it inside,
And just shake my head... Don't say a word.
Oh! To be different! To stand from the crowd.
To totally be so unique.
The price that you pay to have people say
As they point at you, "Look at the freak!"

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

111 Applies to EVERYONE for 2011! Try It Yourself!


Charm City, they have named you.
It seems quite apropos
To anyone who's ever taken time
Enough to know.
Birthplace of a nation's anthem...
Home to Ruth and Poe...
Gleaming blocks of shining marble
Lined row after row.
Born of maritime profession;
Nurtured by the seas;
Gateway to the mighty Chesapeake.
Tall ships filled your gracious harbor,
Laying off their bounty,
Resplendent in their glory,
Bold and sleek.
Gobs from every point and every corner east to west
Revel in your hospitality.
While those who know you best of all,
Those who call you home,
Know full well your place in history.
More than just a crab house by the harbor,
You deserve a place of reverence in the book of time.
Only now, your head held high, the world is taking notice;
Baltimore, a city in it's prime.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Could I but capture this blissful moment
Frozen in time, I would.
Were you to bait my soul to surrender,
It would be well understood.

Seeking caresses of your midnight flower
Leaves me in ecstasy’s wake
Taunting my senses to new heights of freedom,
Challenging to elevate.

I was but callow, shallow, emotionless
Prior to the being of you.
Fighting off daylight, shrinking to midnight,
Living in deep shades of blue.

You are my gulf stream, killing off icebergs,
Leading me to pristine shore.
All that my frozen heart needed to thaw.
Never wanting for more.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shish Kabob

Life is just a shish kabob,
Little this, little that.
Skewered, seasoned, marinated,
Grilled and eaten on the fly.

Finger food to tempt the tastes of
Every epicuric yen.
Flame-fired fuel on a stick
To please the palate and the eye.

Savoring the flavoring as
Drippings splatter on the coals.
When it’s offered up to you,
You take it without asking why.

Tiny tidbits.
Eat this… skip that.
Pass those on to someone else.
Compliment your gracious host
Before it’s time to say goodbye.

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