Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Sunrise

Sunday sunrise
Always a blessing,
Marvelous message
Of Faith’s revelation.
Harboring hope
As the dawn breaks horizon,
Sowing the seeds
Of a new world creation.

Hearken the herald,
The spirit has risen.
Rise in revival,
His praises to sing.
Pray for the pilgrims
Who seek without finding
The calm and the comfort
Redemption can bring.

Eyes to envision,
Lips to give praise.
Sunrise to sunset
Now and always.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Valentine Lament

My love is pure,
My love is here,
My love is never far away.
She makes me laugh,
She makes me weep,
She turns my nighttime into day.
If I am cold
She gives me warmth.
If I am lost, she knows the way.
If I forget
She will recall,
She brings me back from yesterday.
She is my now
And my tomorrow,
To love, respect
And, yes, obey.
And when, at last, this life is o’er
We’ll meet in Heaven,
This I pray.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Saint in Kelly Green

Across the spectrum and beyond
There flows a sea of Kelly green
As celebration dances
To a jig for chasing cares away.
The laughing Pub,
The village square,
The shamrock flourish on parade,
And everyone is Irish
If only for a single day.
And saints preserve,
As saints may do,
The mystery of miracles,
The goodliness of Godliness,
Of daring deeds empirical.
And may an Irish blessing
Raise a torch on high
To light the way.
A lesson earned,
A lesson learned
On this, Saint Patrick’s day.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All the Presidents, When

To carry the weight of a outspoken nation,
To fearlessly lead with the wisdom of Solomon,
Exalting compassion with gratitude
While viewing the masses
With forthright equality.
Neither extol nor decry their guile.
Champion to everyone,
Revered and reviled.
Servant to all,
Servile to none.
Walking the tightrope of gathered opinion
While plotting the course
Of Sweet Liberty’s cause.
And we who are witness
Will always remember,
Praise them or carp them,
But give them their due.
And whether the world be friend or foe
Let all be recorded in history’s vault.
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Fools Of April

Oh, you jokester,
Prankster, Fool,
Fearless in
Your pratfall follies.
Do you dare to
Break the rules with
Any tools at your command?

Obvious that you enjoy
The many tactics you employ
With faceless, feckless fortitude,
The masquerade of your decoy.

Never mind the price you pay
Or who your folly may annoy.
As long as you indulge your joy
And swiftly make your getaway.

Expert to economy,
Vanquisher of gloom and doom,
Forlorn frowns are vanquished 
When the fools of April fill the room.


Finally, respite form
Bone chills and teeth rattles,
Mittens and snow battles,
Shovels and scrapes.
No longer bundled in
Parka and woolen cap,
Breaking the frigid snap.
Blessed escape.

Nature erupts
In its vibrant illusion,
Precious profusion
Of color and scale.
Crocus and john-o-quill,
Tulips and daffodil,
Lilacs upon the hill,
Senses assailed.

Morning awakens as
Sweet dewdrops glisten
And new lovers listen
For robins to sing.
Time holds no meaning
And space knows no reason
For earth wears no season
More lovely than spring.

When Groundhogs Speak

Daylight breaks
And he awakens
Groggy, stiff and unaware.
Rain or shine
Drought or drizzle,
Bang or fizzle,
Doesn’t care.

Humans watching,
Pert and pensive.
If he knew he’d lose all senses,
Hide behind the tallest fences,
Any respite from their stare.

Will he chance to see his shadow?
Will he forecast winter’s fate?
Can we trust in his prediction?
We will simply have to wait.

A Man of Peaceful Means

Why are those of peaceful means
So often hated and reviled?
To teach and preach for kindness sake
Is hardly breaking any rules.
And yet the cruel and hardened fact,
The one that cannot be denied,
When pulpits reach to speak of love
They’re levied with the brand of fools.
And hate becomes the child of fear,
Without a tear, his conscience bare,
And lashes out with loss of reason
As the legions seize his fuel.
And though the masses sue for peace,
Long for love and fellowship,
Their light cannot outrun the darkness
Cast upon the pristine pool.
Heroes rise and legends fall.
Still the banner carries forth.
For always men of peaceful means
Prepare for battle and renewal.


Saturday, March 02, 2013

A New Year/ New Beginning

Patience, Sweet Serenity,
You must learn to pace yourself.
No vacuous rules say
You must rush in fervent quest
To reign the world.
Seek instead that tiny nook
That fills your heart and mind with joy,
Even now as you employ
This new beginning,
One year ending,
Opening a pristine book.
Much that changed
Remains the same.
Must refocus to retain
The object of this seekers dream.
Nothing quite the way it seemed
As Midnight gives with soft caress
The promise of Her silent kiss.
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