Sunday, December 02, 2012

...And It's Christmas

It’s reindeer on rooftops,
It’s cocoa and cream,
It’s dewdrops and gumdrops
And sugarplum dreams,
It’s carolers caroling
Sounds of the season.
Do-gooders doing good
For no good reason.
…And it’s Christmas
It’s Santa and elves
Waiting perched at the mall
With Eddie and Adeline
Watching in awe,
It’s crimson and candy canes,
Emeralds and diamond rings,
Lollypops, presents and
All kind of wondrous things.
…And it’s Christmas.

It’s angels with halos and
Good will toward men,
A grand celebration of
Family and friend,
It’s eggnog and candlelight,
Star-topped trees twinkling bright,
Praises to Heaven that echo the night.
…And it’s Christmas.

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