Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is broken,
Shattered in a thousand pieces,
Scattered on the basement floor
Just waiting to be swept away.

A thing of beauty in its day,
Filled with hope and aspiration,
Forward seeking, always searching
For that temple in the sky,

Looking for an alibi
To hide the fear of taking chances,
Falling victim to the winds of change
The fates are bound to bring.

Still the sirens softly sing
Their subtle songs of dreams fulfilled,
Beckoning to press their will,
Rekindling the fire within,

To pick up pieces and begin
With hope reborn to start anew,
New decisions, new directions,
New crystal ball to gaze into.

Lulu Storefront:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Constant Eyes

A mother’s love is unrelenting,
Impervious to compromise,
Often silent, always open,
Vigilant, with constant eyes.

Nothing else holds more importance
Than the safety of her child,
Every hope, every dream,
Every trivial trick or trial
Are met and dealt with confidence,
Weighing all the evidence,
Dealing out the consequence,
Both prosecutor and defense.

I grew up in a home of love,
No pretention or disguise.
All that I am or hope to be I owe to
Mother’s constant eyes.

Lulu Storefront:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marvelous Angels

A quick kiss goodnight
Then off to Dreamland,
Punching my ticket to sweet solitude,
Lolling and resting in quiet seclusion,
Cares become vaporous vanishing ghosts.

Far from the mad-hatter quicksand reality,
Safe from the fires that raged at my feet.
Seeking the freedom the spirit requires while
Sowing the seeds of replenishing fruit.

Flashes come quickly and stay but an instant,
Not long enough to scar memory’s core,
But something remains
As I know upon waking that
Burdens are lifted to start the new day.

Where do they come from? 
Marvelous angels
Born of a whisper
Lighter than air.
Resting with miracles
Waiting and ready
Til slumber awakens and calls them to play.
Lulu Storefront:

Sunday, July 03, 2011

New Day

A new day     
     New time
          New era dawning,
New plans and challenges
     Seem to abound.

Old friends estrange
     As priorities change
While lives rearrange and
     New friendships are found.

New blazed directions
     Discover affections
          So many selections
To batter about.

And I in my wisdom
     Will brave criticism
To choose from among them
          And count them all down.

Forward projecting,
     Backward protecting,
          Ever correcting to
               Sight and to sound.

Laughing and weeping,
     Time crawling or creeping,
          Constantly keeping
               My feet on the ground.

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