Friday, January 06, 2012

Wellsprings of Happiness

Bubbling up,
Trickling down,
Springing from somewhere
Deep underground.

Growing in strength,
Merging in flow,
Gravity dictating
Where you will go.

Soothing the sorrow,
Easing the pain,
Cooling the swelter
Like sweet summer rain.

Endlessly moving,
Cannot be still,
Dreams to fruition,
Fortunes to fill.

Hope to deliver,
Laughter to deal.
Wellsprings of happiness,
Help me to heal.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We Are But Flesh

We are but flesh,
Muscle and bone
Housing a miracle known as life.
Blood-pulse nourishing every breath
Daylight to midnight,
Winter to fall.

Keen for awareness
Looking for answers
Even before the questions are spoken,
Vaulting a world of trivial madness,
Seeking everlasting peace.

Guidance of angels
Brilliance of aura
Never to dally where substance is void.
Searching the sky
For something beyond
This meager existence
That dwarfs the self.

We are but flesh
Muscle and bone,
Silent in stealth
But never alone.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Runs with Scissors

Ah, to live with such abandon,
Flaunting rules,
Forsaking care,
Like a child who runs with scissors
Never thinking consequence.

Dashing off to feats of conquest,
Flaring cape and daring-do,
Masked avenger crushing evil,
Grand toastmaster of defense.

Swooping in on wings of stealth,
Rescues maidens,
Saves the day,
Savors victory incognito,
Shuns the spotlight.
That’s his way.

Now years on years (not always kind),
This antique craft no longer flies.
Still that child who runs with scissors
Exists somewhere deep inside.

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