Sunday, September 25, 2011

To The Children of Saint Jude’s

All you ever have to do is look into those eyes
And a million inspirations flood your soul.
All the hope and wide-eyed wisdom
Reflected in a smile
Of a child whose fate is destined to unfold.
And you see behind the curtain
All the pain that is denied
As they suffer to find hope and hold on tight.
Another day is another gift,
Another battle to be won
To take away the darkness from their light.
Surrounded by the ones they love
And ones who come to love them,
Given every hope there is to give.
No false expectations,
Knowing all the odds,
They only seek the opportunity to live.
And many here will overcome
The demons that have plagued them
And leave to grow and fill their hearts desire.
And those who fought the valiant fight
And lost their final battle
Are heroes in the hope that they inspire.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

An American Dream

I wake up every morning, rub my eyes and ponder
On the wonders that the day may hold in store.
Knowing that the truth is there to stare back in my mirror
And the challenges that wait for me just outside my door.
Robins watch me drive away to capture new adventures
Just before the sunrise trickles in
To chase the moonlight’s beams,
And America comes back to life
With banners raised and hope revived
And skies unfold as multitudes go looking for their dreams.
It’s an American dream
Where every wish can come true
And the weak can be strong,
You can right any wrong
And your faith can shine through.
An American song that is just as it seems.
It’s a song filled with hope,
A song filled with joy
And American Dreams.
Heaven loves an optimist,
And glory waits for those
Who build their hopes and dreams on faith and peace and love.
I believe with every breath that this great land is over-blessed
With those who get their guidance from
A power up above.
It’s an American dream….
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dreams Falling Down

So many dreams came tumbling down
The day that the towers fell out of the Heavens;
A day when innocents, unsuspecting,
Stepped aboard missiles of grave misgivings.
Hopes aborted,
Lives cut short,
Millions affected in so many ways.
There’s not a soul with cognizant memory
Who cannot remember where they were that day.
Quickly awakened
The ire of a nation
Set forth a path of intense retribution,
Vowing remembrance while seeking the snake,
To cut off the head,
To find a solution.
And all of those dreams of all of those souls
Lost in the ash and the rubble of time
Still serve a purpose,
A vivid reminder,
As we pursue justice for this horrid crime.
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Monday, September 05, 2011

If Heaven’s Not Out There

I’m not really sure that Heaven exists
In the way that you hear it described,
Streets paved with gold,
Pearly gates open,
And a book where my name is inscribed.
Billions of angels in white robes and wings
Looking down at the people below
From their place in the clouds
Where life is forever
In a house where God cares for each soul.
But is Heaven’s not out there,
Then why am I here?
He gives me hope to live in His light
And to die without fear.
I’m taking my chances.
My faith will be strong.
‘Cause if Heaven’s not out there,
Then everything’s wrong.
When I was a child I studied His book
And believed everything that I read,
Listened on Sundays to teachers and preachers,
Soaked up the words that they said.
Tasted of life, lived through temptation,
Now that my race is near run,
I have to believe that the time’s getting closer
To capture the prize that I’ve won.
But if Heaven’s not out there….
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