Monday, September 05, 2011

If Heaven’s Not Out There

I’m not really sure that Heaven exists
In the way that you hear it described,
Streets paved with gold,
Pearly gates open,
And a book where my name is inscribed.
Billions of angels in white robes and wings
Looking down at the people below
From their place in the clouds
Where life is forever
In a house where God cares for each soul.
But is Heaven’s not out there,
Then why am I here?
He gives me hope to live in His light
And to die without fear.
I’m taking my chances.
My faith will be strong.
‘Cause if Heaven’s not out there,
Then everything’s wrong.
When I was a child I studied His book
And believed everything that I read,
Listened on Sundays to teachers and preachers,
Soaked up the words that they said.
Tasted of life, lived through temptation,
Now that my race is near run,
I have to believe that the time’s getting closer
To capture the prize that I’ve won.
But if Heaven’s not out there….
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