Sunday, August 28, 2011

In the Wake of Irene

You didn’t surprise anyone.
We gazed with watchful trepidation
As you brewed and churned
In deep blue waters far from shores of island nations.
Growing stronger with each hour.
Moving slowly, building forces
Far beyond our petty powers to control,
We pay the toll
 As you begin your path of torture.
I cower in anticipation,
See the first drops pelt my windows,
Feel the building strength of winds
That drive the deluge to my doorstep,
Saps the power from my veins
With seemingly relentless power,
Wondering when it will end,
Filled with dread,
Drained of will,
Spent and left to feel so small.
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Anonymous said...

you know I could not resist replying to this poem in the wake of Irene. i always said I was a bad girl, but now everyone knows the truth. ha ha
Hope you survived my wrath. i am OK. i did not go out at all. i am still indoors.......