Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whose Dream is This?

I won’t hear of world unrest today,
Even though I know that it exists.
Can’t let anger penetrate
The wall that I have built,
Nothing to disturb this restful bliss.

I’ll be turning off the evening news before it starts.
Nothing there but torment and unrest.
Nothing of the goodness
And the healing that I crave,
Puts my patient nurturing to test.

Don’t think for a moment I am callous,
Hardened and unfeeling to the plight.
Quite contrary. I have hope for all humanity.
I just don’t want to think of it
Or dwell on it tonight.

Give me just one moment of good graces.
Give me peace to close a hectic day.
Let serenity flood every corner of my mind.
Whose dream is this anyway?

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Dreamed an Angel

Some believe,
     Some deny,
          Some have reservations
Having never touched or even seen
And wouldn’t even recognize
The flow,
     The glow,
          The haunting brilliance
Dancing in her eyes.
But I believe,
     Can conceive
          The sweet soft features in her face
As she appears,
     Consoles my fears
          And disappears without a trace.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rainbow Rider

Wistful, waxing rainbow rider
Chasing after stormy weather
Wrangling the hope that follows,
Kissing every childhood dream.

Saddled upon colored horses,
Rising from a distant land
From horizon to horizon
Spreading joy to every corner.

Leaping color upon color
Sweet magenta fades to blue
In disappearing majesty
To find the hue of sunlight’s glow.

Sweet, the arc of your bright bow
Quickly fades from mortal view.
Happiness is in your mount
Touching hearts in your brief time.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Until Tomorrow is Today

Each reality of today
Was someone’s dream of yesterday.
Perhaps unknown,
A feathered angel lost in sleep.
Stealth shadows from another world
That slowly seep into the mind
And brighten with the daylight’s touch
Until tomorrow is today
And we can see her rosy cheeks,
Feel her warming gentle touch,
Hold the hope that she inspires
And taste the nectar
In her kiss.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

…Perhaps To Dream

Do I want?
Will I go?
Could it be?
Might I know?
In my sleep,
In my mind
Thoughts abandon
Fleeting time.
Rounding corners
To arrive in
Places where
Sweet hope survives.

Softly sliding
Into slumber
Where no fearful
Giants lumber.
Lying by her
Gentle stream
In solitude…
Perhaps to dream.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011


Microscopic snapshots of
What might have been,
Could someday be.
Whimsy’s kite of fancy
Lightly fluttering on eagle wings,
Looking down as I look up
So desperate to keep control.
Time stands still as dreams unwind
To endless possibilities.

Let me follow where you lead.
Let me rise above the clouds
To go,
To seek beyond horizons
Past the stars and galaxies,
Passing gates and boundaries
To find Nirvana’s honey well.
Knowing that when I awake
It will be so…

It will be so.

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