Sunday, December 02, 2012

...And It's Christmas

It’s reindeer on rooftops,
It’s cocoa and cream,
It’s dewdrops and gumdrops
And sugarplum dreams,
It’s carolers caroling
Sounds of the season.
Do-gooders doing good
For no good reason.
…And it’s Christmas
It’s Santa and elves
Waiting perched at the mall
With Eddie and Adeline
Watching in awe,
It’s crimson and candy canes,
Emeralds and diamond rings,
Lollypops, presents and
All kind of wondrous things.
…And it’s Christmas.

It’s angels with halos and
Good will toward men,
A grand celebration of
Family and friend,
It’s eggnog and candlelight,
Star-topped trees twinkling bright,
Praises to Heaven that echo the night.
…And it’s Christmas.

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

In Maryland, the tail is wagging the dog

It is sad to see the Maryland State legislature being manipulated by big money gambling concerns. I suppose we should have seen it coming long ago when the issue of legalizing gambling in Maryland first appeared on our horizon.
For year the legislature fought tooth and nail to keep gambling out of our state. It was a part of an evil empire that would demoralize and destroy the integrity of our beloved homeland. It is amazing how economic downturn can totally change out outlook and even our moral constitution. Once surrounding states began consorting with big business gambling concerns and threatening to take millions of potential dollars from the Maryland treasury, the legislature had a sudden change of heart. After all, in a democratically controlled state such as Maryland the legislature never has enough money to feed its spending habits.

And so it came to pass that the jellyfish legislature left it to the people of Maryland to decide what they couldn’t bring themselves do on their own. But they placed such restrictions on it that even the big gambling concerns flinched at accepting it. Slowly, the original plan began to take shape. Three of the approved venues have, at long last, opened.

But before all of the original slots-only facilities have opened, along comes “Big Gambling Concerns” with an attempt to change everything. They want to open a sixth venue. They want additional tax/revenue concessions. They want to offer table games and Internet gaming in addition to slots. And they want it NOW, before all of the changes can be vetted and thoroughly considered.

They are dangling so many carrots in front of our legislature and spendthrift Governor that it is irresistible for them. They are salivating and chomping at the bit to grab the golden ring so they can feed their growing appetite for programs we taxpayers cannot afford.

Forget that these are the same legislators who once opposed gambling. They are now in bed with the big gambling concerns; concerns that, no doubt, have ties to organized crime. We’re talking big money here. Money needed to carry on a legislative agenda that knows no end.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog….
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For Momma

Softly, her voice can still all of our fears,
Vanquish the tears we’re so desperate to shed.
Gentleness follows her,
Lives all around her,
Spreading her aura to all who surround her,
Even without a word being said.
And love is her specialty,
Follows her constantly.
All who she touches are better for knowing.
Inspired by her wisdom, blessed by her presence,
Smiling inside as we cling to her essence,
Our love for her only keeps growing.
Now, as her angels come whispering to her,
Urging her softly with sweet words of love,
We who remain will listen intently
As she adds her voice to the choir above.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet Dream Makers is now published.

After more that a year in development, "Sweet Dream Makers", a book of poerty credted by our online poetry group, is available at We are very proud of this piece and are anxious to share it with everyone. Here is the link:

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Wellsprings of Happiness

Bubbling up,
Trickling down,
Springing from somewhere
Deep underground.

Growing in strength,
Merging in flow,
Gravity dictating
Where you will go.

Soothing the sorrow,
Easing the pain,
Cooling the swelter
Like sweet summer rain.

Endlessly moving,
Cannot be still,
Dreams to fruition,
Fortunes to fill.

Hope to deliver,
Laughter to deal.
Wellsprings of happiness,
Help me to heal.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We Are But Flesh

We are but flesh,
Muscle and bone
Housing a miracle known as life.
Blood-pulse nourishing every breath
Daylight to midnight,
Winter to fall.

Keen for awareness
Looking for answers
Even before the questions are spoken,
Vaulting a world of trivial madness,
Seeking everlasting peace.

Guidance of angels
Brilliance of aura
Never to dally where substance is void.
Searching the sky
For something beyond
This meager existence
That dwarfs the self.

We are but flesh
Muscle and bone,
Silent in stealth
But never alone.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Runs with Scissors

Ah, to live with such abandon,
Flaunting rules,
Forsaking care,
Like a child who runs with scissors
Never thinking consequence.

Dashing off to feats of conquest,
Flaring cape and daring-do,
Masked avenger crushing evil,
Grand toastmaster of defense.

Swooping in on wings of stealth,
Rescues maidens,
Saves the day,
Savors victory incognito,
Shuns the spotlight.
That’s his way.

Now years on years (not always kind),
This antique craft no longer flies.
Still that child who runs with scissors
Exists somewhere deep inside.

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