Monday, August 15, 2016

Real or Fake

Reality can be overrated.
Raindrops dance on windowsills
Like tiny elves, “Say, are you real?”
Firefly fairies blinking twilights’
Silent message reveal the
Secrets of the universe.
Logic whimsies in reverse to
Shift from precious to perverse
Looking for a soul to steal.
Quiet rainbows cast their net from
Red to green to violet
            Filling mind’s eye to distraction.
            No room left for sad regret.
Are you real or should I quake to
Feel the magic that you make?
Will you be there when I wake to
Ease my mind lest I forget?
Peaceful dreams to fill my night
All forgotten with the light.
Phantom promises you make.
Are you real?
Are you fake?

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Grace and Disgrace

The distant darkness of deceit
Casts bold its shadow long and lean
Across the melancholy sea
Crying out to be set free.
But freedom cannot find her echo
Muted by defined disgrace.
Whimpering she seeks her solace
Cloaked by veils of blackened lace.
Shame becomes her sole companion,
Loneliness a bosom friend.
Solitude her only comfort as she
Contemplates the end.
Was it worth the pain and sorrow
Playing out your vain disguise?
Now the unmasked interloper
Paying dearly for her lies.
Lies are but the Devil’s scalpel
Slashing scars on Beauty’s face, and
She could spend a thousand lifetimes
Trying to get back to grace.

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