Sunday, August 05, 2012

In Maryland, the tail is wagging the dog

It is sad to see the Maryland State legislature being manipulated by big money gambling concerns. I suppose we should have seen it coming long ago when the issue of legalizing gambling in Maryland first appeared on our horizon.
For year the legislature fought tooth and nail to keep gambling out of our state. It was a part of an evil empire that would demoralize and destroy the integrity of our beloved homeland. It is amazing how economic downturn can totally change out outlook and even our moral constitution. Once surrounding states began consorting with big business gambling concerns and threatening to take millions of potential dollars from the Maryland treasury, the legislature had a sudden change of heart. After all, in a democratically controlled state such as Maryland the legislature never has enough money to feed its spending habits.

And so it came to pass that the jellyfish legislature left it to the people of Maryland to decide what they couldn’t bring themselves do on their own. But they placed such restrictions on it that even the big gambling concerns flinched at accepting it. Slowly, the original plan began to take shape. Three of the approved venues have, at long last, opened.

But before all of the original slots-only facilities have opened, along comes “Big Gambling Concerns” with an attempt to change everything. They want to open a sixth venue. They want additional tax/revenue concessions. They want to offer table games and Internet gaming in addition to slots. And they want it NOW, before all of the changes can be vetted and thoroughly considered.

They are dangling so many carrots in front of our legislature and spendthrift Governor that it is irresistible for them. They are salivating and chomping at the bit to grab the golden ring so they can feed their growing appetite for programs we taxpayers cannot afford.

Forget that these are the same legislators who once opposed gambling. They are now in bed with the big gambling concerns; concerns that, no doubt, have ties to organized crime. We’re talking big money here. Money needed to carry on a legislative agenda that knows no end.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog….
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