Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All That Is Good

All that is good,
            Let it come to me softly.
I will embrace it with arms open wide,
Sharing its essence a thousand fold,
Spreading its gospel to grateful minds.

If it means harm,
           Let me face it with honor,
Searching the undertones living below
So I may mute the thundering voices
And quell the torrent that rides stormy seas.

We are but brief
          To move through the cosmos,
A wink and a blink in the footnotes of time.
No time to waste on the lost angst of demons.
Focused and fixed and anxious to find
All that is good.

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Sunday, October 06, 2013

To Be Truly Thankful

In a world where so much can go wrong,
Will go wrong,
Often does,
It’s key to stop and oft reflect
On blessings dwelling ever near.

The quiet of the evening breeze
That sweeps away the sun-drenched day…

The blissful magic of “three words”
To wash away the hurt and pain…

The joyful laughter of a child,
Life unspoiled,
Song unsung…

Yielding to sweet slumbers' kiss,
A prayer to a departed sun…

Days creep by before they run
And we must heed the piper’s call.
          To be thankful…
          To be truly thankful
Is the greatest blessing of them all.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

And Well They Served

To stand on unfamiliar soil,
Stranger to the local custom,
Sent in blindness void of reason,
Purposed only to defend,
Cautioned not to question orders,
You are but a puzzle piece.
Higher forces guide decisions.
“You will thank us in the end.”
Settling into your mission,
Studying a hated foe,
Never knowing what may happen
When and if the mortars fly.
Stealthily behind your weapon,
Senses climbing to a peak,
Ready to defend your comrades,
Question not the reason why.
Grateful when the fray is over,
Though you’re weary to the bone.
A needful nation sent you there.
A thankful throng welcomes you home.

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