Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A New Life

Ten little fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
Sweet sighs, soft cries
And cute button nose.
A smile ear to ear
Shining bright as a rose.
A new life
Sent from Heaven above.

Clean slate of innocence
Ready to learn.
No sad regrets,
No bridges to burn.
A book of blank pages
To fill as they turn.
A new life
That fits like a glove.

Laughing or crying
You fill hearts with glee.
Plans for your future
Could flood every sea
As your village surrounds you
So passionately.
A new life…
The essence of love.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Enter Singing

Quiet little lotus blossom
Nestling in silent waters,
Would you disallow the world
The wonder of your rainbow smile?
The softened sigh of your sweet voice,
The Heaven fragrance that you breathe,
The pleasure of your company
If only for a little while.
Tapping softly at my door,
Your angel voice a welcome song.
Come share with us the lilting joy
Of all that life is meant to be.
Just one chorus, then one more,
Sweet manna to a grateful throng,
The Merlin magic you employ
To set a wistful spirit free.
Bright lights fill to every corner
Casting shadows wide and long,
And happiness surrounds you when
You enter singing love’s sweet song.
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Friday, April 18, 2014


Sweet whipped cream memories, Ghosts from the past
Sleep soft on my shoulder, a whisper away,
Come calling, revisiting simpler moments of
Moon Pies and Mary James back in the day.
Skate keys and Bobbie socks,
Pigtails and poodle skirts,
Pin curls and Bobbie pins,
Raggedy Ann.
Bosco and Mickey Mouse,
Jukebox and saddle shoes,
Flying with Pater Pan through Neverland.
Baseball cards slapping on bicycle spokes,
Eight tracks and Betamax, bad knock-knock jokes.
Viewmasters, Lincoln logs, erector sets,
Lone Ranger’s sidekick… As good as it gets.
Old wringer washers and rotary phones,
Listening on party lines, waiting your turn.
Lost on the day that the music fell silent.
Peace symbols, love beads and incense to burn.
Dark drive-in movies and black high-top sneakers,
Jiffy pop, rabbit ears, spats and D As.
Pick-up-sticks, Polaroids, tears for Old Yeller,
Time capsule mem’ries tucked safely away.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Graduate

Handshakes and hugs
And broad smiling tears,
Confident speeches to
Veil silent fears,
And time pauses briefly
Recalling the years
As the graduate
Glides ‘cross the stage.
Backslapping well-wishers
Seem to abound as the
Honorees hover
Five feet off the ground
And nowhere for miles
Can a dry eye be found
As each book
Opens a new page.
Glittering hope casts
Her sparkling beams
And offers her bosoms
To nurture new dreams,
To fill with a prospect
That bursts at the seams
And the clock cannot wither
With age.
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