Friday, May 15, 2009

To listen to my interview with Yvonne Perry from Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Service, click the link below:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another poem from Rhythmic Notions

Like Drunken Cowboys

There’s a place inside my head where hurt never filters in,
A place to heal, where I can know I’m my own best friend,
Sometimes find it easier than facing reality,
Like drunken cowboys living without a dream.

Call me crazy; call me a fool, for shutting out the world.
I just need time to contemplate the way my life’s unfurled.
Wouldn’t want to take it out on everyone around
Like drunken cowboys tearing up the town.

I don’t want to think about forever,
Trying hard to make it through the storm.
Toughening my feelings into leather
Til it just doesn’t matter anymore.

Take a step back to a time when
Life was a free-for-all,
Where disagreements could always be settled in a barroom brawl,
Where consequences and concerns were not a high priority,
Like drunken cowboys living wild and free.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Listen to my podcast on May 22, 2009

On May 14 I will be recording a podcast (audio Interview) with Writers In the Sky Creative Writing Service. The interview, conducted by Yvonne Perry, will be available for download on Friday, May 22 on Yvonne's Blog at We will be talking about my newly released book of poetry "Rhythmic Notions: A Collection of Songpoems".