Monday, June 16, 2014


Hugs are those free-flowing candy cane kisses
Wrapped up in chocolate marshmallow pies.
The giving,
                   The sharing,
Believing in warmhearted greetings,
          Tearful goodbyes.
There’s Mom hugs and Dad hugs,
Glad hugs and sad hugs,
“Hi” hugs and “Bye” hugs
And “Have a good day” hugs.
Friend hugs and lover hugs
Under the cover hugs,
Bear hugs and comfort hugs,
Tell me you’ll stay hugs.
Kissy hugs, feely hugs,
Send a heart reeling hugs,
Grandmother loves you hugs –
As good as it gets.
No matter day or night
They don’t know wrong or right.
Hugs give back willingly
Without regrets.
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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Last Dance Tonight

Rituals feast on the edge of a dance floor.
          The tilt of an eyebrow,
          The curl of a smile
May oft be perceived as guiltless flirtation
Or bold invitation, sensual style
As the beat and the rhythm both
Heighten the game
Fueling the flame while passions burn deep,
And joy steals the venue
Creating a genuine safe panacea of memories to keep.
Yet joys are but vaporous whispers of air,
Pretenders who dare mask reality’s bite,
Purveyors of flight to a world unafraid,
Rescuing maidens like galloping knights.
So, cling to your partner as heaven recedes
In the music that pilots to limitless flight,
To linger the moment that lives in those eyes
And captures the prize of
          The last dance tonight.
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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Just Because You are You

Splendor bides to celebrate
The magic that is only you, and
Wonder wanders commonplace
When cradled, nestled by your side.
Moonlight pales as constellations
Ride your wave of endless sky, and
Ocean overflows her bounty,
Tranquil in your evening tide.
Not because the world stops spinning.
Not because time takes a pause.
Not that logic dictates that
What once was false is somehow true.
Words can never be a prophet
To predict your story’s end.
You fulfill your destiny
… Just because you are you.

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