Monday, June 16, 2014


Hugs are those free-flowing candy cane kisses
Wrapped up in chocolate marshmallow pies.
The giving,
                   The sharing,
Believing in warmhearted greetings,
          Tearful goodbyes.
There’s Mom hugs and Dad hugs,
Glad hugs and sad hugs,
“Hi” hugs and “Bye” hugs
And “Have a good day” hugs.
Friend hugs and lover hugs
Under the cover hugs,
Bear hugs and comfort hugs,
Tell me you’ll stay hugs.
Kissy hugs, feely hugs,
Send a heart reeling hugs,
Grandmother loves you hugs –
As good as it gets.
No matter day or night
They don’t know wrong or right.
Hugs give back willingly
Without regrets.
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