Saturday, June 07, 2014

Last Dance Tonight

Rituals feast on the edge of a dance floor.
          The tilt of an eyebrow,
          The curl of a smile
May oft be perceived as guiltless flirtation
Or bold invitation, sensual style
As the beat and the rhythm both
Heighten the game
Fueling the flame while passions burn deep,
And joy steals the venue
Creating a genuine safe panacea of memories to keep.
Yet joys are but vaporous whispers of air,
Pretenders who dare mask reality’s bite,
Purveyors of flight to a world unafraid,
Rescuing maidens like galloping knights.
So, cling to your partner as heaven recedes
In the music that pilots to limitless flight,
To linger the moment that lives in those eyes
And captures the prize of
          The last dance tonight.
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