Saturday, April 30, 2011

Princess Bride

Sleepy nation wakes the dawning,
Spies the bunting on each ledge,
Something special stirs the scent of
Incense wafting in the breeze.

Quick to dress in finery
To suit such glorious occasion,
Chins held high and chests puffed full
In maximum anticipation.

Four white horses lead the carriage
Fully draped in ceremony
As the trumpets sound the herald
Echoing glad tidings all.

Out she steps to breathless watchers,
Daintily her footfall glides,
Steadfastly her regal father
Leads his angel down the aisle.

Now she stands before the altar,
Nations watching, filled with pride,
And her young prince stands beside her
Proud to wed his princess bride.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waking Up

I know I had a dream last night,
But can’t remember it at all.
No details. Not a single one.
Just a happy glow that left me warm.

Spectrums filled with glowing light.
Images both grand and small.
A first class flight into the sun
With hands that keep me safe from harm.

Something in it feels so right
Answering the siren’s call.
A million treasures to be won.
No resistance to her charm.
Landing safely from my flight,
Eyes wide open, standing tall.
Sweet dream lady, come and gone,
Leaving me to sense her charm.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

You'll Never Know

Comes a time in every life
You’re standing at a crossroads
And you just can’t decide which way to go.
Do you turn right?
Should you go left or
Just go straight ahead?
Do you walk alone
Or just go with the flow?

I’ve heard it said the brave die young
To make their way to Heaven,
And I’d surely like to live beyond my prime.
But if I must make the sacrifice,
Then it’s just a given and
I’ll have to give it up before my time.

Are you afraid to take a stand
And be the only one?
Would you dare to spread your wings
And fly into the sun?

Happiness is standing close,

It’s just a smile away,
You can turn away or stand and watch it grow.
Do you turn right?
Do you turn left or
Just go straight ahead?
Unless you make a choice you’ll never know.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'll Get There Someday

Many pathways I have dreamed
Of traveling in my brief time,
Far too many distant places,
So much on a bucket list.
The distance between here and Heaven
Not so great as one might think.
Perhaps just a dream away,
A silent stroll into the mist.
Longings are but toothless phantoms,
Fearsome shadows void of flesh,
Victims of reality
That come to chase the dream away.
Persistence and tenacity,
Like Superman and Captain Marvel
Arriving in the nick of time.
… I’ll get there someday.

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Where Dreams Sleep

Rest in silence, Sweet Dream Maker.
There is much for you tomorrow.
Sleep until your name is called
And you can rise renewed, refreshed.

Visions visit in the darkness,
Become clear with light of day,
Seek fruition once your passion
Fills the mind with clarity.

It is you who holds the spark,
Quick the human breast inspires
With vapory wisdom, reaching deep
To grasp at fleeting fantasy.

If only I could find your lair,
Touch your secrets, dark and deep,
What untold wisdom could be found
To know the chamber where you sleep.

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