Saturday, April 30, 2011

Princess Bride

Sleepy nation wakes the dawning,
Spies the bunting on each ledge,
Something special stirs the scent of
Incense wafting in the breeze.

Quick to dress in finery
To suit such glorious occasion,
Chins held high and chests puffed full
In maximum anticipation.

Four white horses lead the carriage
Fully draped in ceremony
As the trumpets sound the herald
Echoing glad tidings all.

Out she steps to breathless watchers,
Daintily her footfall glides,
Steadfastly her regal father
Leads his angel down the aisle.

Now she stands before the altar,
Nations watching, filled with pride,
And her young prince stands beside her
Proud to wed his princess bride.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dennis - you have outdone yourself. i think you should send this poem to the Queen at her palace address. you will get an answer from her Lady In Waiting. I know because i sent my poen about President Obama on the day he became president and i received a lovely response from the Palace.
On lovely embossed creme paper in a matching envelope. So please send your poem. It is outstanding and surely your best work ever. love irene.