Monday, April 11, 2011

You'll Never Know

Comes a time in every life
You’re standing at a crossroads
And you just can’t decide which way to go.
Do you turn right?
Should you go left or
Just go straight ahead?
Do you walk alone
Or just go with the flow?

I’ve heard it said the brave die young
To make their way to Heaven,
And I’d surely like to live beyond my prime.
But if I must make the sacrifice,
Then it’s just a given and
I’ll have to give it up before my time.

Are you afraid to take a stand
And be the only one?
Would you dare to spread your wings
And fly into the sun?

Happiness is standing close,

It’s just a smile away,
You can turn away or stand and watch it grow.
Do you turn right?
Do you turn left or
Just go straight ahead?
Unless you make a choice you’ll never know.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

many people will relate to this poem. that is because many of us don't know which way we are going but we try. i think that is all we can do, to try. and see what happens because otherwise, we will always wonder, "what if?"