Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Time again for the boys of summer
To start a journey that will last into
The depths of autumn ,
Dwindling down to the final two…
The final one.

But now, right now,
Everything is even,
Everyone is champion;
Number one.
Plans and schemes and drafts and trades,
Every scenario,
Every projection has laid a path
To be clearly followed.
All are winners at this early stage.

And we will follow
With pencil and passion
Living vicariously to the end.
Some heroes will fall.
Some dreams will fulfill,
Our only duty:
Enjoy the ride.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don’t Give Up

Sure, it’s hard.
No one said that it would be an easy ride.
Roads are long
And filled with potholes, detours, roadblocks and asides.
Is it worth
The consequences of decisions you abide?
Can you take
The pain you must endure to finally win the prize?
Always questions must need answering so dreams survive.
Always onward, looking upward, keeping hope alive.
Pausing only briefly for a sip from Inspiration’s cup.
Pressing on with head held high
Determined never to give up.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wishes and Dreams

I had a dream
That spurred a wish
That led to a thought
That inspired a plan
That created an outline
That became a blueprint
For a brand new project
Fraught with obstacles
Resolved through tenacity
Then brought to fruition
With a sense of accomplishment,
A shining example
Presented to others
Who also
Have a dream.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for Tomorrow

Okay, so today was not so great,
Weighted with tribulation and trials
Til it seemed that it would have no end.
But it did end,
And I survived,
And what, at times, seemed that it might destroy
Only tended to make me stronger,
While burdens offered became lessons learned,
And blessed relief made the journey worthwhile.

Now, as my head touches feathery pillows,
Now, as my eyes cleanse the harsh light of day,
I peacefully pause to reflect on my blessings
And pray for tomorrow
With hope born anew.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, I Can

They didn’t start out with intent
To shatter every untold mark,
To set a new goal to attain,
To reach the crest of Everest,
To pass the dark side or the moon
And go beyond the Sun and stars.
But somewhere there along the way
Someone took notice of their deed,
Pointed toward a lofty goal
And set a process in its place.
It became like Joltin’ Joe
Clipping fast to fifty six,
Or Ripken’s ironman marathon
As he reached the unreachable.
No one claimed that it was easy.
No one said there’d be no pain.
No one even saw it coming,
Just a happy happenstance.
Was it from a childhood dream?
Was it even in their plan?
Only one thing is for certain.
When asked,
The answer,
“Yes, I can.”

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sleep Without Dreams

Keeping up appearance,
Dancing the dance of the socialite,
Hanging on shallow words
Meant to impress,
Breathing the corporate mantra,
Hmmm… ya ya hmmm… ya ya hmmm.
Day in
Day out,
Days flow by unyielding.
Not my own…
Someone else’s vision,
Someone else’s profit.

Someday soon I’ll spread my wings,
Plot my course,
Find my way.
This nine to five existence
Is like sleep without dreams;
Restores the body
But does nothing for the soul.
But I want to dream…

I have a dream,
And someday soon…

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hope Rises

From the ashes of despair,
     On a wish
          A dream
               A prayer.
Thankful just to be alive,
     Vision quest
As the air comes wafting in,
     Scented breezes,
          Gentle friend,
New directions are revealed,
     Untold secrets
Lift the darkness from my eyes,
     Clear the way so hope may rise.

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