Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, I Can

They didn’t start out with intent
To shatter every untold mark,
To set a new goal to attain,
To reach the crest of Everest,
To pass the dark side or the moon
And go beyond the Sun and stars.
But somewhere there along the way
Someone took notice of their deed,
Pointed toward a lofty goal
And set a process in its place.
It became like Joltin’ Joe
Clipping fast to fifty six,
Or Ripken’s ironman marathon
As he reached the unreachable.
No one claimed that it was easy.
No one said there’d be no pain.
No one even saw it coming,
Just a happy happenstance.
Was it from a childhood dream?
Was it even in their plan?
Only one thing is for certain.
When asked,
The answer,
“Yes, I can.”

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