Sunday, September 24, 2017

Breaking Bread

Come and sit down at my table, 
Take a deep breath and relax.
Say a tiny prayer but keep it to yourself. 
Can’t offend the non-believers, 
Cannot thank our Benefactor, 
Can’t let others think that 
We’re the freaky zealots that they fear.

Seems a pity, keeping secrets, 
Feels like lying in effect, 
Breaking bread with those who loathe us and despise 
Every nuance of our being, 
Every breath our lungs may draw, 
Every word our lips might whisper in their ear.

If we are to make a difference 
We must penetrate their camp,
Must lay bare the fallen idols of despair. 
We must be the best example, 
Must rise above the rest, 
Let our actions be the only thing they hear.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Star

You are the first star 
In the heavens tonight 
Piercing the dark northern sky, 
Racing the moon to the 
End of horizons, 
Wiping a tear from my eye.

Nobody told me that 
You were a teaser. 
I was at ease with your light, 
But you were so fleeting 
I couldn’t catch you and 
You disappeared in the night.

Caution was warned but 
Quickly abandoned 
As you put me under your spell. 
Chasing a dream 
Choosing at random 
Listening to hear all the stories you tell.

Tell me you’ll stay. 
Give me something to cling to
When dawn comes to steal you away. 
Your precious light will not 
Fade with the morning. 
You will be with me… 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Let’s Dance

Such a gracious host, 
A wonderful party, 
Engaging guests sharing 
Bright conversation, 
This enormous house filled 
With myriad treasures, 
The talk of the neighborhood 
In many ways.

All the gold and the glitter 
That one can imagine, 
The brazen temptation of 
Gluttony’s walk, 
The back-slapping promises, 
Whispered suggestions, 
Bold indiscretions 
Flaunted out loud.

You and I came here but 
We’re not the same here. 
We won’t pay blame here, 
Won’t take that chance. 
Let’s just dance.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017


Up here in this atmosphere 
Above the poking, choking smoke and 
All the listless, fistless mist that 
Wants to take my breath away,
I’m content to wait and watch
The hapless, notchless goings-on, 
The mindless, spineless nowhere songs 
The people chant each day.

Grace has found me humming tunes, 
Crooning croons on higher ground, 
Leaping bounds not set by man
Onto the grand plateau 
Where air is sweet as sassafras 
And feet have never wrinkled grass, 
Where honey flows and longing grows 
To heights nobody knows.

Somewhere in this atmosphere 
The word is hidden dark and deep. 
Keys to unlock every door; 
Promises to keep

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Parade

So many people
        Lining the byways
                From curb to picket fences
                         As far as the eye can see. 
Young boys on 
        Their father’s shoulders 
                Straining hard to 
                         Catch a glimpse of
Something special, 
        Something shiny in the distance. 
Sirens blasting 
        With such fur
                 Dogs and children
                         Want to run. 
Clown balloon-man 
        Passing favors 
                Sad-faced mime 
                         Brings silent joy.
Stalwart veterans 
        At attention, 
                Heart salute as 
                         Glory passes. 
And the band plays 
        J.P. Souza 
                As a memory ensues. 
Strike the chords and 
        Sing the chorus. 
                Fill the air with 
                         Joyous muse. 
Run the gamut 
        Of emotion 
                       In a game 
                                You cannot lose.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Take a Chance

Chances are 
Your chances 
Are a chance you have to take
If your dances and romances 
Leave all logic in their wake, 
And you are left to contemplate 
The heel of your mistake 
As the latest of the greatest
Walks away.

There will be joy. 
There will be pain 
And sorrow mixed with ecstasy, 
But that’s the way it’s always been, 
The way that it was meant to be.

The apple hangs upon the tree, 
And you can wait for it to fall, 
Or take a chance to taste it now
And savor it
All day. 

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Strong Will… Desperate

No fault I find in enterprise. 
It has its place 
Thought fraught with lies, 
And evil overlords abound 
To hardly anyone’s surprise.

As old as ages 
Stories told, 
Hardly headlines anymore, 
The strong-willed, desperate 
Cattle Baron fighting to keep open range.

Dark knights hired as mercenaries 
Keep the rabble in its place,
Humble and subservient, 
Immune to any change.

But change does come 
As time demands 
And desperation rises up 
With sword in hand to 
Take its due, 
To seize its rights, 
To claim the land, 
To show its will is 
Just as strong, 
And right shall triumph
Over wrong.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Falcon Sweeping Down

Nestled in his lofty perch 
Among such Spartan furnishings 
He contemplates the oneness of 
His single-minded quest.

To triumph every battle, 
To conquer every prey, 
To hover in the clouds and know 
He is above the best

The swiftness of his crushing jaw, 
His talons strong and sure, 
The unrelenting tenure of 
His vast tenacity, 
The beauty of his flawless flight, 
This fateful knight of doom 
Bounding and rebounding 
Between fear and anarchy.

Oh, shall I see or ever know 
A knight of more renown 
Who rides the air of chivalry, 
This falcon sweeping down.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Child Smiled

Hard day
        Endless drudgery 
                Capped by seething innuendo 
Crashing, slashing ankle high, 
Forehead bashing on the wall,

Teardrops just about to burst
Flooding cheek with heavy brine 
From endless oceans dark and deep 
Where evil is her queen. 

Feeling firmly pistol-whipped by 
Muggers unidentified, 
Taken for a Jersey ride 
Where victims often don’t survive. 

Just when hope was all but lost at 
The very edge of hell, 
A miracle on lofty wings…

A child smiled… 
        All is well.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Call Your Name

In troubled times when 
Every bobble burst a bubble of despair 
And crazed confusion drapes delusion 
In a fractured fairy tale…

When all the hustle of the bustle 
Havocs in a manic mind 
And frantic frenzy fills a fortress, 
Floods the forest and the plain…

If every moment turned an eon, 
Every flash a memory, 
Every picture came to life 
And haunted all my waking hours…

If time should pass me to its bosom, 
Suffer me to go insane… 
I would not grieve. 
I would not leave. 
I would simply call your name.

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Friday, September 15, 2017


Where is beauty to be found?
Is it truly in the beholder’s eye?
Does it really only run skin deep?
Can it be rescued from yet another cliché 
Or broadened still from horizon to horizon? 
Is it merely a pregnant pause?
A moment of quiet reflection in 
An otherwise horrid, insidious day?

Can it soothe the beast?
Calm the Storm? 
Or is it the actual storm itself 
Sequestered in a lace-trimmed veil, 
Stalking tree-lined streets of gold 
To rest beneath my windowsill?

Or is it you, my sweetest one? 
Are you my beauty, draped with grace? 
Would darkness fill me were your face 
Not burned into my memory?
I could not, 
Would not want to know.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Please Sir, I Want Some More

Don’t cry or pout, Little Oliver.
There will be more, 
There’s always more, 
So don’t be afraid to step up and ask. 
All he can say is no.

Oh yes, he can gasp and bark and snap 
At your audacious question, 
Shocked by your nerve, 
But it could be worth it if, 
In the end, 
Some kind-hearted soul takes 
You under his wing.

Though you may be orphaned, 
No family in sight, 
You need not be lonely 
Or even alone. 
Your future is now 
If only you want it. 
Ask if you dare. 
It will come to you.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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A Day Off

A day away 
From hash and hassle…
        Nothing to do
        Nothing to do.
Sleep in late?
        Not a chance
        Not a clue.
Eyes pop open. 
Mind seeks hope for 
        Something new
        Something new.

Outside scoping 
        Throwing schedules askew. 
Breaking cycle 
Not a trifle, 
        Causing minor men to scoff. 
Settle in
Relax and win 
        Just enjoying 
        A day off.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Smooth and Soothing

That voice, so melodic, 
So soothing, so smooth as 
It touches the ear and 
Goes straight to the heart. 
Calm reassurance that all is right 
In a world at times so horribly cruel.

And they named her Grace.

Different from most, but 
Always a constant, 
Forever in concert with 
Sweet harmony. 
Grounded by faith, but 
Rising above every conflict 
With reason a constant companion  

And her heart filled with grace.

Childless in essence, but 
Mother to all who 
Seek motherly content, 
A need to abide. 
Every effort 
Totally effortless, 
Every adventure a carnival ride.

And she is with grace.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Make Me Laugh

I like to laugh...
     Hate to cry.
Love to live...
     Don't want to die.
Bless you, love you...
     Love to think of you.
So, don't be shy. Don't make me cry.
     I hate to cry...
Don't want to die.
     So, please... Make me laugh.

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Bruised Ego

You hurt my feelings. 
Boo hoo to me. 
I snap like a turtle. 
Boo hoo to you, too. 
The names we assign to 
Each other cut deep 
Until egos are battered and 
Totally bruised.

All this snipping and biting 
Does no good for anyone, 
Doesn’t resolve an iota of truth. 
It’s just a hold-over, 
A constant reminder of 
Stubborn resistance 
Born out of youth.

Grownups know better 
And reason should tell me 
That inflated ego 
Is my enemy. 
Truth is much stronger, and 
Right is the better half 
Of the equation… 
Better than me.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rest Your Weary Bones

It’s a long day 
         In a short life. 
Time to rest these weary bones.
Stop this raucous, ranting, running 
Gerbil ride I’m on. 

Let the wheel turn by itself 
Or slow to its cessation. 
Even God took Sunday off, so
Who am I to question?

To rest is not to quit, and 
A pause is not the end, but 
A moment of reflection 
Just before we start again is
A necessary interlude, 
A quiet, soothing friend 
Who will walk with me and 
Talk with me and 
Lead me round the bend.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Hope in a Bottle

Where do you keep your 
Hope in a bottle? 
Your fairy tale champagne 
Wrapped up in a dream. 
Is it stashed behind labors? 
Lost under duties?
Bobbling somewhere on restless seas?

Can you reach when you want to 
With delicate fingers 
Embracing the texture of 
Soft angel wings? 
Can you drink from her content of 
Inspiration at will 
Never fearing to 
Reach the end?

Is it safe on your shelf 
Always at eye level, 
A constant reminder of 
All that can be? 
Offering more in the blink of an eye 
Than the eons can vanquish 
Or pity can bleed.

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Friday, September 08, 2017

Taming the Beast

Deep inside his cavernous labyrinth 
The beast lies sleeping 
Dreaming his dreams, 
His dastardly, bastardly beastie dreams of
Mauling, marauding and masticating 
His helpless victims 
Down to the bone. 

Those victims, all zombie toads, 
So unaware of the fate that awaits 
In his bone crushing jaws. 
The unfathomed likelihood he will awake 
With fire in his belly and 
Blood on his tongue.

What can we do?

Call for Sir Lancelot across the deep channel?
Cry for Quixote to ride on his quest? 
The beast must be tamed 
Else he be vanquished. 
The village demands 
Someone rise to the test.

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

A Subtle Awakening

There was no epiphany, 
No sparks, no flash, 
No rockets red glare 
When first our eyes became intertwined. 
It was simply a knowing 
As if the ages had once again
Caused our paths to cross 
And something inside had 
Awakened once more as it had 
A hundred times before.

We were no strangers, 
No earth-bound souls 
Searching, struggling into the light. 
Just kindred spirits 
Strolling the cycle 
Finding each other again and again, 
Knowing that even the 
Reaper who parts us 
Will see us united 
As eons progress.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Such panache, 
  Such flair, 
     Such a gift of gab has he, 
Riding wave on wave of 
   Billowy praise for 
     Adoring eyes to see.

Love him, hate him or 
   Despise him with his cooing
     Brooding eyes. 
Catch the tone of 
   Innocence delivered in 
     His scathing lies.

Do not, cannot, 
   Will not fall 
      To his contemptuous snare. 
For he is but a charlatan, 
      He does have flair. 
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017


In this blue funk
Self-righteous world it is 
So easy to go off kilter, 
To skew to the left, 
Skid to the right, 
Slip, slide and sashay on 
Ice-covered pathways.

Every distraction demands 
Just a little attention as 
Everything multiplies and 
Next thing you know all 
Vision is lost and all that is left 
Are the tears in your eyes. 

Lying alone in your midnight enclosure 
Lost as you contemplate 
What might have been. 
Looking for ways to get back to the center. 
It never hurts to 
Start over again. 

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Monday, September 04, 2017

Weaving Through Traffic

Left lane 
  Right lane 
     Center lane
        Storm drain
Hurry! Always hurrying 
In White Rabbit fashion.

In and out and in again 
Like a damned accordion, 
Caution tossed into the wind
With multi-purple passion.

Cannot pause to meditate, 
Can’t afford now to be late, 
No time to consider fate or 
Stop to smell the clover. 

Cannot deal with hesitation, 
No time to truck agitation, 
Must belay this aggravation e’er 
Hatter’s party’s over. 

Pray for Devine intervention,
Even miracles are mentioned, 
Puritanical intention 
Offered as excuse. 

Up ahead the traffic lessens,
Dormouse offers his confessions, 
Thankful for such grand concessions, 
Sad for the abuse.

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

A Winner at Last

I’ve always wanted to be a winner, 
To drink from the cup,
Garner the prize, 
Speak all the platitudes, 
Thank all the little folks, 
Soak the applause from a grateful throng.

But fame can be fleeting 
And crowds can turn ugly, 
And notoriety has its price. 
The path becomes muddled with
So many choices til 
Differences fade between right and wrong.

There will be millions… billions of choices 
To make in a world 
Spinning far too fast. 
In the end there is no compromise, 
And life has made me 
A winner at last.

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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Heaven Awaits

Nice to know that
When it’s over it’s 
Not really over at all.

Just like the sun will 
Wake in the morning, 
Just like summertime 
Yields into fall.

Pass the baton to 
Continue the relay, 
Hardly missing a step or a beat. 
Reaching the end to only start over, 
No looking back 
Or accepting defeat.

Reaching beyond 
This mortal subsistence, 
Flaunting assurance 
Time never abates. 
No need to fret this 
Befuddled existence. 
Grace be not envy…
Heaven awaits.

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Friday, September 01, 2017

I’ll be There

When the time comes – And it will – 
And you need someone to take your hand, 
To lead you through the danger zone, 
To slay the multi-headed dragon,

To share your sorrows and your joy, 
The hectic noisy quiet moments. 
To stare into a cloudless sky and 
Wonder where it all began,

To stand in wake for loved one lost and 
Ponder why it all must end. 
When life is just a puzzle where 
The pieces don’t quite seem to fit,

And you are left with questions that 
The sages of the ages fear. 
When others have abandoned you, 
Don’t worry, 
I’ll be there.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Caught From Behind

Simple when you get down to it. 
Twist it to the left, unscrew it. 
Waited far too long, you blew it. 
Now you cannot win.

Race the beast, your feet are flying. 
Credit due at least for trying. 
If you lose, no need for crying. 
You can try again.

Sprint ahead into the lead. 
Good advice remains unheeded.
No reserve left when it’s needed 
Puts you in a bind.

Leaves you in a situation 
No amount of perspiration 
Can avoid the culmination, 
You – Caught from behind.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You May Go Now

Thank you for coming, 
Bless you for sharing, 
But this episode has come to conclusion. 
There will be more, 
Perhaps even better. 
A broad invitation allows no exclusion.

We will be wiser 
When next we gather, 
Banking experience along the way, 
Bringing perspective to 
Feast at our table, 
Saving dessert for another day.

This has been grand 
To be in your company, 
Share in your mind with insightful delight. 
So with contentment 
Tinged with regret 
I bid you sweet silent goodnight.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

At Peace

It has been hard to get this far. 
I could show you bumps and bruises, 
Scars incurred along the way, but 
You don’t really want to see.

There were tears, yes, quite a few, 
Always with a sense of loss. 
The trails they left were lessons learned. 
Guess that’s how it’s meant to be.

Objects may appear to be much
Smaller held in retrospect. 
But when the walls were crashing down 
There was no time to think,

Only to react before 
The whore of Armageddon 
Pillaged hope, left me bare 
Without a drop to drink.

Only now in silent witness 
Do I know release, 
Letting up and letting go to 
Find myself at peace.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

In Pieces

A storyline as common as 
The shoes upon your feet, 
Sneaking up behind you as 
You look the other way.

You were just an actor 
Strutting loud upon a stage 
Spouting lines that someone else 
Had given you to say.

Amazing how simplicity 
Can be so damned elusive, 
How digging out and digging in 
Can leave you stupefied.

The telling of the tale 
Becomes a complicated matter 
Spinning truth in circles til
You don’t know who has lied.

Prideful dissertation 
Creates many cracks and creases, 
Shattering hope, leaving lives
In tiny little pieces.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Let it snow. It makes no difference. 
Couldn’t stop it anyway. 
Let the beast eat til he’s full. 
He’ll not be here tomorrow.

Count the melting drop by drop 
To swell the streams of springtime. 
Starlight yields to sunlight 
Laying waste to pain and sorrow.

Let the bells peel loud and clear. 
Let the drums pound steady. 
Let the voices reach to heaven 
Singing lofty praise.

Let me carry all your burdens, 
Dry your tear-stained cheeks,
Take you by your trembling hand and 
Lead you through the maze.

Let your thoughts be crystal bright. 
Let your heart be free. 
Stand beside me in the light 
For all the world to see.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Get up! Get out! Get over 
Being prodded, poked and petrified 
By every evil entity that 
Enters your environment.

Paranoia doesn’t suit you?
Turn and kick him in the crotch. 
Lay the bastard on the floor 
Wond’ring where his victim went.

Scary as it all may seem 
You still are in control. 
Toe to toe, eye to eye 
You stand unflinching in his face.

Move to get the upper hand, 
To get the bully on the ground. 
Even if you lose you know there’s 
No remorse… no disgrace.

Life will hand you trials, 
Give you sorrows and regret. 
What you give it in return 
Determines what you get.

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Friday, August 25, 2017


Nervous little ice icicle 
        Dangling from my downspout, 
Slither with a shimmy as a
        Shimmer in the sun. 
Wake the woes within your soul to 
        Lounge the day away. 
Bake away to nothingness 
        Before the dawn is done.

Blissful in your ignorance
        Thankful for the void. 
Pressureless and meaningless 
        To flit the day to naught. 
Not a chore to measure, 
        Not a treasure to be found. 
Nothing to be learned today. 
        Nothing to be taught. 

No sad crown upon your head, 
        No golden amulet. 
No responsibility, 
        No need for you to fret.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Looking Back

It wasn’t all that long ago, 
And not so far away, 
That “Once upon a…” storyline
Danced free across our dreams, 
And “Happ’ly ever after” seemed 
A possibility 
As real as any everyday 
And not just some grand scheme.

We look back 
And maybe smile 
And sometimes laugh out loud,
A salty sense of bittersweet 
Left resting on the tongue. 
Nostalgic for the memory, 
Longing for the touch, 
Savoring each sultry note of 
A familiar song.

Days slip by as we reflect 
On things that used to be. 
Sweetest truffle in the box… 
Revive my memory.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Coming Soon

Coming soon to a lifetime near you:
Horror! Excitement! Thrill upon thrill. 
Eighty kilometers done in a heartbeat. 
Buckle your seatbelts.
        Wait for the crash.

Hoof beats of thundering echo the distance, 
Block your horizons with mushrooming clouds, 
Speak through the darkness in whispering omen 
To land on your back with the crack of a lash.

Car-crashing demons emerge in your mirror 
Looming much larger than they should appear. 
Bashing your bumper, bold in their efforts to 
Leave you in rubble, a horrible heap.

You have the expertise, you have the power, 
You have the fortitude to overcome. 
You are the hero who leaps to the rescue 
Saving the day without leaving your seat.

Action on action…
        Whistle a tune of
Unique satisfaction… 
        Coming soon.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


After the darkness,
After the rain, 
After confession delivers the soul, 
Long after vision has risen again, 
After the guilt has taken its toll.

Just before daybreak, 
Silent and calm, 
Cracking the silence, 
Breathing a sigh, 
Facing the morning with nary a qualm, 
No need to shout, 
No reason to cry.

Crying was yesterday; 
No going back. 
See it as history, 
Lessons to learn. 
Here in the aftermath of the attack 
There is tomorrow 
To lend concern.

Torches are burning 
To lead the way. 
Step through the portal 
Of a new day.

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Monday, August 21, 2017


There’s an ending out there somewhere.
Every story must evolve, must resolve 
To grand conclusion, 
Bland illusion set aside.

I am, you am, we am puppets 
In this Punch and Judy show 
Waiting for the plot to catch us 
In the house where we reside.

Someone called it criminal. 
Someone let the devil in. 
Someone stumbles through the darkness 
Desperate to get away.

No one knows the final answer. 
No one dares to take a guess.
No one angles to impede 
Progression toward the yea or nay. 

There will come a summing up.
There must be a hit or miss. 
All that’s precious, all that’s sure… 
Someone has to finish this.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Keep Going

Rush, push, rest, review…
Rush, return, then rush some more. 
Quick completion of each quota, 
Questful queries coincide with 
Sequences of synergy to 
Forcefully facilitate the 
Fateful flow of each endeavor. 
Never stop until it’s done.

Baseless basking 
                         Barters little. 
Tasteless tasking 
                         Garners less. 
Graceless grasping 
                         Suffers reason
Leading to a 
                         Muddled mess. 
Sleep becomes unnecessary. 
If it threatens, take a pill.
Just keep going til it takes you. 
Someone else can pay the bill.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Get Started

Sitting here with pen in hand
Wondering where to start,

               Killing time before I go, 
               Whittling on a stick.

Blocking out the blocking in,
Try to clear my mind. 

               Thoughtful in my reverie of 
               Peaceful days gone by.

Will the pages fill with ease
With muses from the heart?

               Spill the ink onto the page. 
               Give a little kick.

Does the bastard steal my thoughts 
And leave me far behind? 

                Blown away by winsome words, 
                Left to wonder why.

Getting started is the key. 
       All the rest is flow.
How it gets onto the page 
       We may never know.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Arrest My Soul

When all of the pleading and kneading is over, 
After the bleeding is finally stopped, 
Will we be feeding on fodder from yesteryear? 
Will we be heeding the soothsayer’s song?

Who will be leading and lighting the torches? 
Seeding our thoughts through the torturous times?
Reading the headlines in horrible hopelessness? 
Weeding out suspects who stand in the way?

I stand in horror watching the spectacle. 
I stand in fear as it touches my walk.
I stand defiant, defending my doorstep from 
Goose-stepping Cretins who crash through the night.

Arrest, if you must, this pitiful visage. 
Arrest, if you dare, this intolerable toad. 
Arrest if you think me a threat to your manhood, 
But you will never arrest my soul.

There will be judgment. 
There will be justice. 
There will be reckonings all have to face. 
Patience be teacher, 
Watchdog to freedom, 
Standing in front at the end of the race.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another Fine Mess

Oh, if we could only go back in time, 
A day, a week or even a year,
Know all the pitfalls,
               The potholes, 
               The pratfalls, 
See all the bumps in the road up ahead. 
But vision is weak, impaired if not blinded by
Heart-felt passion’s irrational rush, 
And we keep making the same mistakes 
That leave us to sleep in an empty bed.

Wellsprings of happiness don’t merely happen. 
They must be constructed of labor and love. 
Truth is the shovel, compassion the pick so that 
When mistakes happen there’s room to confess.

You could have…
I could have… 
We could have been more 
               Productive at best
In our effortless efforts to find resolution. 
Instead we are left with another fine mess.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pintos, Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes

Some harbor favor for gourmet cuisine:
Caviar, pheasant or filet mignon. 
Trendy like crepe suzettes, crème brulee, sushi, 
Mildly to wildly exotic in theme.

Others, like me, have a simpler palette: 
Meatloaf, potatoes, hot apple pie, 
Pintos, okra and fried green tomatoes, 
Coffee, no sugar, and light on the cream.

Buttermilk cornbread to crumble like sugar, 
Biscuits with jelly, a savory sweet, 
Mother’s fried chicken, a finger-food favorite 
Served up on Sunday, a family buffet.

I would not argue or offer a protest 
To anyone’s favor for fanciful foods, but 
Pintos, okra and fried green tomatoes are 
More than enough to get me through the day.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Run to cover, shelter from 
The fire-belching dragon who 
Would have your face for breakfast and 
Consume your flesh at dinnertime.

Holding faith with vigilance 
In stalwart measure, self-assured, 
Tasting of adrenaline rushing, 
Pumping to the bone.

No one knows where courage musters, 
Cannot guess the origins of 
Fight or flight, wrong or right. 
Still it finds us in the dark.

Let me be your sanctuary. 
Let me still your angry skies, 
Be your comfort and protector
When the monster storms your gate.

We will face the beast together, 
Sword and lance held to the sky. 
Two as one, invincible, 
Striding out to find our fate.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Obnoxious Willie

Willie is a worry-wart who 
Whines and wiles away his day
Making matters miserable in  
Messy, muddled, mocking ways.

Carry on, you cranky critter,
Gripe and groan and bellyache
Until you make the masses moan 
Bleeding green for distant shores.

Must you be so damned contrary? 
Moving in concentric counter-clockwise 
Circles, opposite of 
Every other point of view.

Who made you the center of 
The universe? The oracle? 
The last, the first, the only word 
Authoring authority.

No one wants to hear your humor. 
No one dotes your droll display. 
If we’d only seen your smoke 
We would have run the other way.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Death Kills

Highly inappropriate to 
Speak of death when 
Sunlight dances playfully 
Upon the hillside casting 
Very little shadow on
The meadow, if at all.

Cannot, must not kill 
The dream, cry the scream of 
Dreadful mourn, 
Place a burden to be 
Born on shoulders 
Fully unprepared.

Open-eyed, yet unaware of 
Danger lurking in the trees, 
Tiger-quick, apache fearless,
Ready to spring forth with ease.

So involved, preoccupied, 
Dreams of conquest to fulfill. 
Defiant to the bitter end, 
Scratching, crawling up the hill.

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