Friday, July 21, 2017

Take My Hand

There’s a place where teardrops go 
To lose their memories, 
In a land where pain and sorrow can’t survive. 
Every heartache knows the way
To pray on bended knees 
Til the passion of forgiveness can arrive.

I have felt the winds of chance 
Flowing over us 
Taking all control of fate from our command. 
But I know it’s not too late 
If you believe in you and me.
We can make it if you’ll only take my hand.

There are words we can’t take back even 
If we wanted to. 
There are things that we have done 
We can’t undo. 
But a future without us is unacceptable. 
My life would have no meaning without you.

There’s a place where we can go 
To bring back happiness, 
Holding all the hope two people can demand. 
We can’t find our way alone. 
That’s impossible. 
We can make it if you’ll only take my hand.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Smothering clouds hold the sunlight at bay while 
The raven’s scream cuts deep in my soul. 
Spirit sinks low in a bottomless pit of despair 
Where no one can find their feet.

Drifting in aimless, directionless haze.
Shifting position, adjusting my gaze. 
Lift me please from this impossible maze. 
Sifting out options, however discreet.

Where is my mindset?
Far gone my passion. 
Blasted to pieces – a million and one. 
Washed up on beaches as 
Fodder to seabirds, 
Or left undiscovered to shrink in the heat.

Mind drained of any compassion, 
Weakened to sniffling, sniveling flesh. 
Yield to the travesty. 
Abandon logic. 
Embrace the comfort of utter defeat.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

History Speaks. Is Anybody Listening?

Echoes bounce back constantly, 
Reminders of transgressions, blind 
Oppression, sad impressions, 
Allegations of what might have been. 
Someone even wrote it down, 
Polished every detail, printed, 
Sold it retail, turned a profit 
Baked in mortal sin.

Prepubescent innocence is quell 
To feed on fervorance, 
And dies e’er it becomes intense 
Enough to feed the quakes. 
And we forget, or just don’t care 
To read the notes of yesteryear, 
And so are doomed beyond repair 
To make the same mistakes.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It Gets Better

Rent is due, funds are scarce and 
The landlord is a putz. 
Johnny’s failing all his classes. 
Suzie is a klutz.

Momma says she needs new shoes. 
Dad needs a new shirt. 
Both bemoan the plight that comes with 
Being poor as dirt.

Grandma called. She thinks that Grandpa 
Should be in a home. 
Can’t remember diddly-squat, 
His mind has turned to foam.

Bubba fell out of the truck; 
Broke an arm and leg. 
Won’t be working for a while.
At least he saved the keg.

Aunt Fannie’s getting married
For the twenty-second time. 
A slight exaggeration…. But 
It should be a crime. 

Maybe I’ll sit down tonight and 
Write the Lord a letter, 
Offer up a midnight prayer and 
Hope that it gets better.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Gamble Gambit

Anti up and deal the cards.
Face down. Face up. Call your game. 
Call my bluff. 
         Perhaps I’m lying. 
Shrink and fold 
         If you’re so lame 
You can’t endure the hot/cold sweats, 
Take a stand without regrets,
Lose the battle?
Lose the farm? 
Face the challenge? 
Place your bets.

You might be a first-move-maker 
If you have it in your gut to
Gnaw and gnash and bare your fangs, 
Claw and climb the rotting rut.

Taking chances. 
         Lashing out. 
                Slashing deep 
                        The unkind cut. 

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Too Damned Lazy

Left unfinished, 
         Left unstarted,  
                          Left for someone else to do. 
Right a wrong. 
        Write a letter. 
                Right wing. Left wing. Nothing new. 
Preaching, teaching, 
         Reaching forward. 
                 Backward, sideways. More delays.
                Bellicose to boast malaise. 
Don’t demure to 
         Sinful sloth, 
                 Sob and sigh for jobs undone. 
Do the deed to 
         Damn the doubters. 
                 Slam the slobs who shun the sun. 
Sit up. Get up 
         Off your ass. 
                 Although vision may be hazy. 
There’s no season, 
         There’s no reason left 
                 For being too damn lazy.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dark Tunnel

See the tiny pinprick light 
That in the distance glows, it 
Grows as I move closer through 
This dark and dreary hole.

I would cash in favors for 
A flashlight or a lantern. 
Man was never meant for the 
Existence of a mole.

I had both eyes open when I 
Waltzed into this wasteland, 
Welcoming the challenge of 
A bold spelunker’s quest.

But here the night is smothering, 
Leading me to ponder that 
When next I need a challenge 
I’ll just smash a hornet’s nest.

Find a rope to lead me 
Out of this dark tunnel maze,
Ease the claustrophobic grasp and
Put my soul at rest.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

To the Moon

Earthbound and shackled by
Constant confusion, daily profusion of 
Sanctified sacraments, 
Fretting the gamut of secular musings, 
Seeking a meaningful, practical pose. 
Wherefore and what for, 
Therefore and much more. 
Searching and lurching, 
Gasping for air, 
Grasping a dare to break free
Of the confines
Defy all the gravity holding me here. 
What then to do?
Where then to go? 
Do I find Valhalla or Brigadoon? 
So many places to fly in the heavens. 
             Or just to the moon.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Let Me Out of Here

When did these four walls materialize? 
Could I have been so hard asleep 
I did not notice the carpenter’s hammer 
Banging and framing? Closing me in.

No door, no window, no staircase to climb. 
Nary a toehold to boost to the top 
So I might peek the other side to 
Spy my accuser, determine my sins.

Trapped in a prison, not knowing why or 
When or if I’ll deserve a reprieve. 
Silently praying, petitioning Heaven to 
Send down an angel to rescue my soul.

Wond’ring if anyone knows where I am, 
Cares that I’m gone and alone in my shame 
As darkness descends and I cry in anguish, 
Plead for deliverance from the cold.

Lost and alone. 
Bursting with fear. 
Will someone please 
Let me out of here?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Basic Evil 101

Born of serpents to the darkness. 
Raised in shadows, out of sight. 
Stalking stealthily the night
To prey on poor unfortunates. 

Creeping out from under rock just 
Far enough to test the air. 
Lashing out at those who dare to 
Cross your wayward slitherings.

Don your pretty plastic mask 
To hide the fire that otherwise 
Comes flashing forth from flaming eyes of 
Grand deception, burning lies.

Pity those who cannot see 
The heinous horror in your hate, who 
Shake in fear when it’s too late
To simply turn and run away.

Vigilance its own reward 
To spurn the serpent in his lair, 
Lock the door and keep him where 
His poison will not kill.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bad News

There's never a convenient time
For bad news to arrive.
And when it comes our utmost thought
Is merely to survive.

Emotions rage. A hundred waves
Of ocean drown all feeling.
Depression, fear, dejection
Washing over; senses reeling.

Who is this who brings the news?
Who's the scapegoat to accuse?
A messenger come straight from hell.
No one handles bad news well

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Hovering just out of reach, 
Sightless shroud of malcontent 
Waiting, lingering on the fringe 
Trying to look innocent.

Hoping to create some doubt, 
To find a crease into the mind, 
To wither any self-assurance,
Rip it, strip it from the vine.

Such a beast, jealous mistress, 
Such a greedy, seedy slut. 
Bastard of the first degree 
Plunging daggers in the gut.

Mixing potions with your poisons 
Stealthily distributing 
In lethal dose to unsuspecting hunted prey. 
You close your ring.

Silent gestures still the night, 
Fill each chamber with despair. 
Nations tremble, 
Kingdoms fall, 
As suspicion fills the air.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

I Fear…

It’s not snakes or hour-glass spiders, 
Angry dogs with snarling fangs, 
No, not reckless breakneck speed 
Or deadly drops from desperate heights.

Not the threat of godless cons who 
Battle brave behind a gun 
Conscience bare of any shred of 
Civilized humanity.

Not wind or water, hail or blizzard, 
Nor any form of nature’s force, 
Though nature is a frightening bitch 
To be respected, if not feared.

Not the sound of cannon fire 
That rings a distant knell of death, or 
Storming troops in battered streets 
Killing anything that moves. 

Rising up in silence on a morning 
Fresh with golden sun, 
The thing that I fear most of all:
Waking without you.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Lonesome Pinewood Theatre

How did you grow to be so high?
Taller than any building I knew
In my youth. Your limbs a cloud
Far above my head. Your carpets the 
Soft down of my favorite pillow.
You have grown older and wiser
Than any human I know or have known
In my short term on Earth.
And you will be here long after 
I’ve gone, putting on shows
For all who enter your chapel.
Your lush needles fold around me
Holding my heart as a wood nymph
Tickles my feet and the robin
Delights my ear with gleeful song.
The show begins as a cloudless sky
Refuses to penetrate your sacred shrine.
And I am left with an endless treasure,
One that I’ll own til all passes away.

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Saturday, July 08, 2017


I do not know you, Xanadu, 
With all your secret mysteries, 
Your sultry siren softly singing, 
Strumming on her dulcimer.

Steeped in all your grandeur, were you 
Meant to be for fools like me? 
Standing at your intersect, 
No direction, no desire.  

Who will taste your pleasures now that 
You have turned to icy stone? 
Must they strap on spikes of steel 
To trek the tundra you endure?

And what of oceans, dark and deep 
Beneath your frozen forestry? 
Do your creatures lurk in stealth 
To bite the hand where once they fed?

Time and trial and so unkind the 
Pictures left to memory. 
I do not know you, Xanadu. 
Perhaps I never will.

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Must be at least a thousand beats per minute now
Thump-thumping pumping radically 
As though it might explode.

Endorphins flying high on the adrenaline 
Reaching out emphatically 
To take the overload.

Elongated light curves out ahead of me 
Bending back so I can see 
Pursuers closing fast.

Reaching out with claws to slash and tear my flesh,
Teeth to gnash and grind my bones 
To powdery repast.

Shifting all my power into overdrive,
Find the means to stay alive,
Keep the bloody beast at bay.

No bold rescuer, no cavalry 
Swooping in as savior. It’s only me 
Desperate to get away.

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Friday, July 07, 2017


Life is just a set of options;
Decisions to be made.
Pathways always branch in at least
Two distinctive ways.
Taking one, we leave the others
Quite unknown where they could lead.
Options beckon, pleading, urgent,
Pressing us to pay them heed.
No one promised it was easy.
No one said, "You’ll know the way."
We can only look and learn
And choose new options every day.

It’s a Pleasure

We meet… 
And it’s a pleasure 
From a handshake to a hug, 
From an eye-induced embarkment
To a ladened bon voyage.

In a smile-embraced encounter
A melody in tune, 
Some soon to be nostalgia in 
A memory collage.

Defeat is not a measure 
To consider in our world. 
It’s a place reserved for others 
Who’ve forgotten how to win.

As we stand at the finish line 
And savor victory, 
We look toward another contest 
And remember where we’ve been.

And when the day is over 
And the music fades away, 
When angels call to glory
And our story starts anew,

I’ll write you one more love song 
As the light begins to dim 
To tell you one last time 
It was a pleasure loving you.

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Rising Star

Had time not been cruel 
I’d hitch my rig to your rising star 
As you follow your dream. 
How high you might soar 
In the milky blue skyway 
To taste the adrenaline 
Of each starlight beam.

This is your time to 
Brighten the heavens, 
To dance among millions and 
Try to outshine 
Every shimmering sun 
Spreading light to her planets 
While sipping the nectar 
Of sparkling wine.

Nothing can tether 
Your high-flying spirit. 
Grace is your partner 
In this silent run. 
I’ll stand in your shadow, 
Bask in your glory. 
My time has passed. 
Yours has only begun.

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Leave It Alone

There are times when a well-spoken word 
Can bring peace to a troubled world, 
But lately the words between us 
Only get in the way. 
The more that we talk, the more we sound bitter 
Til the words finally cut to the bone. 
I believe that it might have been better 
To just leave it alone.

The world will keep turning, and 
Hearts will keep yearning 
In whispers that speak soft and low. 
But your words undo me, 
The anger cuts through me, 
And I simply can’t let it go.

A handful of laughter can’t hide 
All the heartache we hold inside. 
There’s just not much left to say 
When the feeling is gone. 
If we can’t learn trust in each other 
There’s no need to talk at all. 
We might as well talk to ourselves 
And just leave it alone.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Song for You

Maybe Elton John could have 
Done a better job, 
Or John Denver in his subtle and bemused 
Befuddled way. 
They knew the nuance needed, 
All the buttons to be pushed 
To make all the ladies tingle
As they gently swoon and sway. 
This song’s for you. 
No one else can steal the show, 
And I know it’s true 
That our love can only grow. 
Right from the start 
It’s as if I always knew 
That my heart will always sing 
A song for you.

True love is forever 
Or at least that’s what they say. 
When you find that special someone to adore. 
You find it growing stronger 
Every minute, every day, 
Strolling hand in hand 
Through every open door. 

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Freedom speaks to all that listen,
All who are willing to pay its price.
To those half-hearted, half in tune,
It sells it by the slice.

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Can’t be wrong to offer up 
A simple prayer of hopeful thanks 
To God or Grace or Mother Earth 
To anyone who has an ear.

Just to say a humble word, 
To utter in subservience, 
To know that there is something 
In a somewhere out there far beyond

Makes me somehow something more, 
Lends a purpose, holds a key 
To open up the darkened door,
To shine a light on mystery.

Logic serves its own desire and 
Reason drives us to disdain 
While pundits offer soapbox theory 
In an effort to explain.

Believers need no explanation
As faith becomes a seventh sense 
Thankful for a guiding light,
Serene to know the difference.

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Monday, July 03, 2017

Sleeping In the Clouds

Cool up here… 
Cool enough to ask for an extra blanket, 
But I won’t ask. 
Don’t want to bother those 
Already settled, 
Already sleeping.

Far too excited 
Too restless to sleep up here in the clouds 
Where angels tread. 
Waiting, hoping that one will float by, 
One… or a multitude 
Heralding gospel, 
Rescuing downtrodden, 
Offering comfort in times of need,

Whispering softly into my ear
Until at last 
Blissful sleep finds my pillow
And I am transported 
To a throne on high.

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I Believe in Miracles

I believe in every heart 
There lives an inner dream 
Walking hand in hand with hope 
Waiting for the day 
When just a touch, a fleeting glance 
Can sometimes lead us on 
To a land where miracles 
Are common so they say. 
I believe in miracles. 
I see one every day. 
When I look into your eyes 
I know that it must be true. 
Never stop and never doubt 
That Heaven looked my way. 
I believe in miracles. 
I believe in you.

You were only passing through, 
Could have walked on by. 
Never gave a second thought 
To this poor fool’s company. 
But Heaven must have intervened 
When that sunbeam caught your eye, 
And beckoned you to follow through 
And led you here to me. 
I believe in miracles. 
I see one every day. 
When I look into your eyes 
I know that it must be true. 
Never stop and never doubt 
That Heaven looked my way. 
I believe in miracles. 
I believe in you.

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Sunday, July 02, 2017

An Angel Cried

An angel cried this morning 
As another soul was lost, 
But not from lack of trying… 
It just wasn’t meant to be.

The entire choir chimes with 
Multitudinous dismay at 
The prospect of her prospect 
Drudged in mournful harmony.

Oh, if only she would listen,
If only she could heed, 
If faith would yield perception 
In her muddled little world.

In quiet desperation 
As the angel band pleads softly 
She stumbles to the precipice
And never hears a word.

A victim of indifference, 
A case of stubborn pride, 
Her fate an ageless story 
As another angel cried.

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Beware of Angels

When I met you we couldn’t have been happier. 
We had everything lovers can desire. 
There was never a doubt in my mind 
Our story was forever. 
I called you my angel straight from paradise 
With a voice singing sweetly like a choir, 
And a promise you’d always be true 
And you would leave me never.
Beware of angels
        Making promises that they can’t keep
Beware of angels 
        Breaking hearts and leaving scars so deep
Beware of angels. 
        Leaves you weeping through the lonely night.
Beware of angels.
No one can say what makes love fade away, 
No body even wants to know. 
But even an angel can change 
And not know the reason why. 
But the touch of your fingers, 
The tear in your eye, 
Saying, “Darling, it’s time for me to go”, 
And my heart stops beating as I realize 
This is goodbye. 
Beware of angels
         Making promises that they can’t keep
Beware of angels 
         Breaking hearts and leaving scars so deep
Beware of angels. 
        Leaves you weeping through the lonely night.
Beware of angels.

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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Old Stoneface

Trying to glimpse at a hint of reflection 
From smoky gray eyes is impossible. 
Like playing poker with Old Stoneface 
When the stakes on the table are do or die.

No reason why you should hide in your mask, 
Sweating the task of incumbent relief, 
Mystical thief of presumed confidence, 
You bait me, and I take your delicate hook.

Your crown of bamboozlement tilts to the right, 
And I am left sporting the court jester’s hat. 
No surprise that when the cards are revealed 
My fate is sealed and the rent money’s lost.

Such is the cost of a gambler’s trade, 
Hope dashed to pieces more often than not. 
Lessons forgotten or never quite learned, 
Betrayed by a face made of stone.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Eagle Rises

Mostly a vision, 
A speck in the heavens, 
Near imperceptible swirling about 
In an ocean of blue and white, 
Riding the currents, 
Filling its sails with billowy wisps 
Of nothing and everything 
In perfect repose.

Gliding in circles, 
All seeing, 
All seeking, 
All waiting to dive 
With the swiftness of lightning 
To capture 
To crush 
To devour with delight,

Then once sated, 
Wants abated, 
To rise again, 
To soar.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lead Us Forward

Forge ahead, oh mighty one, 
Feel the breath of the chosen one 
Hot on your nape 
Craving the victory so long desired, 
So long elusive,
so distant, 
So close.

Spirit undaunted by tribulation, 
No speculation on which way to move. 
Dive straight ahead 
Without dread or emotion, 
Caution abandoned. 
Your cause 
Our effect.

You shall not waiver 
In determination. 
Your steely-eyed mission 
Can know no retreat. 
We cannot lose, 
We shall not fail. 
The ending is written 
As you lead the way.

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In Need of a Blessing

I don’t ask for much; there’s
Not too much I truly need; 
A book, a pencil, a quiet hour 
Nesting in my easy chair.

The trials of a hectic day 
A spinning top slowly winding down 
To a wobble, a wiggle, 
A final spin. 
At rest til started up again.

So, why feel cheated? Discontent? 
What great malady ensues? 
Is the quest so daunting 
That it makes me cry for 
Devine benevolence to intervene? 
Is the path so troubled and 
Fraught with brambles that 
Every step is a task of its own?

Perhaps the masters of overstatement 
Have sold me a house in sad need of repair, 
A money pit with no end to the cycle, 
Forever in need. 
Forever in need. 
In need of acceptance. 
In need of a prophesy. 
In need of a blessing 
To find my way.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Quiet Storm

Subtleties that bake and boil
Smoldering under a noonday sun, 
Never quite erupting into 
Molten fire and lava,

Never billowing the skies 
With fiery ash and fever. 
Never raging, ravaging 
In naked holocaust.

Most content to view events 
With quiet desperation, 
Riding out the mounting waves
That crash against the shores.

Lifting up her chin against 
A wall of rain torrential 
More intent on what was won 
Than what she might have lost.

Let the storm pass – as it will – 
Let Hades dissipate. 
The gold that lies at rainbows end 
Is surely worth the wait.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bow Out Gracefully

Makes me wonder if ever you cared,
This thunderous wanderlust 
Bordered by prejudice 
Edging an infamous side-tracking jaunt. 
Base lining odd treatment 
Mainlining argument 
Streamlining instruments ready to flaunt.

It was no accident 
Shielded by incidence 
Trashing our picket fence, 
Making your choice. 
You never gave a clue 
Pounding the avenue 
Looking for something new, 
Losing your voice.

Now we need look beyond 
Sunset, to break the dawn 
Now that our past has gone slithering by. 
Bowing out gracefully 
What was not meant to be 
Comes about naturally. 
No need to cry.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Heart Bender

Do not fold, spindle or mutilate 
This heart. 
It is sent to you 
Preformed, filled with 
A billion delights 
All ready to eat like 
A chocolate surprise. 
Open your eyes to 
An optical feast 
From the most to the least 
Stretching hither to yon.

Hope springs from darkness, 
Searches for light with 
A fever and fervor 
Reserved for the righteous to
Bask in the glow, 
Forever to grow,

To bend but not break 
If the answer is “no”.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

For Love or Money

Funny, the reasons so often decried 
For actions unfettered, 
The weeping, the wailing, 
The tight upscale railing, 
The lies and disguises, 
The sinking boat bailing.

More often than not 
All filters down to 
One or the other, 
Sometimes both.

Be it love or money, 
Persimmons or honey, 
Dark, dank or sunny 
The net of its worth is 
A price worth its weight in 
Emotion or cash, and 
Choice is the demon who 
Rations the stash.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Take your pleasures 
Where you find them; 
At least that’s what I’ve always heard.
Doesn’t mean you 
Step on toes to 
Writhe in throes of ecstasy.

Simple acts of kindness carry
Special blessings in their tote, 
Free to all who spread their joy, 
Joy to all who spread them free.

Is it just me? 
Might you agree? 
Might pilgrims see the 
High degree of blessings 
Held in giving hands 
Riding on an endless sea.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Listen To the Lies

Wrestling with the grave predisposition,
Clinging to a trusting nature, 
Wanting desperately to find 
A simple something to believe.

Hoping that the fangs have been retracted, 
Waiting silently in shadows til 
The shackles turn to butter, 
Yearning for a fast reprieve.

Walk into the den of fire and lions, 
Leave your weapons at the doorstep, 
Slide the deadbolt from the outside, 
Blindfold covering your eyes.

Judgment takes a permanent vacation, 
Blinded by the situation. 
Pavlov’s pet in its creation 
As you listen to the lies.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gulch Jumpers

We use to jump through puddles 
In the springtime 
In the rain.
We laughed and then got yelled at 
When our mothers saw 
Our soaking shoes.
We spent our teenaged summers
Jumping gullies 
Falling short. 
We laughed and we got yell at
For our dirty 
Our chasm grew much wider 
When the leaves 
Began to fall. 
We laughed a little less and yet 
The yelling 
Had been stilled. 
Now wintertime approaches 
And our gully 
Is a gulch. 
And I don’t have the energy 
To jump
To laugh
To yell
To cry.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Awake at Midnight

Watching walls…
         Awake again 
With midnight creeping past my door.
Mind awash with daylight dread, 
Thoughts unsaid, 
        Sad regrets.

A million ways to make amends
For slights and slashes of the tongue, 
Songs unsung or sung so much 
They cannot leave my hollow head.

Nagging hunger for a slice of
Humble pie as recompense. 
Trying hard to make some sense of 
Arguments and quarrels.

Oh, the horror.
         Ah, the humor. 
Steeped in rumored innuendo 
Meant to send no earthly message 
For the masses to ignore.

Oh, that I could clear my head of
Past regrets, 
         Future frets. 
Perhaps I would not find myself alone 
        Awake at midnight.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I will not question your remiss.
You cannot help your folly in
A frenzied, fashioned, frivolous
Profusion of profession.

Within a welt of weariness
Without a weathered wariness
You seethe a certain innocence
That escalates confusion.

How could I doubt?
Why should I shout?
What kind of lout would question?
To taunt or mock
Would cause a shock
But garner no confession.

I will not cry
Or alibi
Or grumble in disgust.
Sometimes the fat
Is rendered to
A simple act of trust.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Blessings Abound

My humble life has been so blessed
In myriad of ways, 
I offer up a thankful prayer 
For every breath I take. 
So many acts of thoughtfulness 
And debts I must repay 
To friend or foe or family 
Or just for kindness sake.

I lift my gaze up to the clouds 
And somewhere far beyond, 
To all of those who’ve gone before, 
Who entered Heaven’s gate, 
Who searched for something to believe
But ended all too soon, 
And took with them a comfort 
That had always been their fate.

Blessings are not hard to find, 
They’re scattered all around.
One only needs to look inside
To see where they abound.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fleet Afoot

The racing speed of a desperate cheetah…
The delicate grace of his fleeing prey…
With deft and defiance an agile surfer 
Angles the crest of an angry wave.

High-stepping kickers on pitch, field or rink 
Leap with dexterity, race to the goal…
Turning the tables to stem the aggression… 
Quick to defend… Eager to save.

I stand in amazement, 
Staggered in awe, 
Cheer for the effort 
As if it were mine. 
Praise to the winner, 
Bask in the glory. 
Sharing a toast, let us 
Savor the wine.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life Goes On

If the end is the beginning and
The portal must be breached,
Then the search need not fall heavily 
Upon the beaten masses who
Sit and weep and keep the vigil 
Deep into the night, 
Who cast their gaze toward heaven til 
The hopeless feeling passes.

And you and I bear witness 
And stalk uneasy truths 
And wonder at the wonder of 
The awful wondrousness. 
Dare we pose the question? 
Dare we to offer answer? 
Are we somehow at fault and 
If we are, do we confess?

For every sparkling dewdrop 
For every baby’s cry
For every lilt of laughter in
A halt and brazen world 
There lives a new beginning 
There lives a sad goodbye  
A bittersweet dilemma 
As the story is unfurled.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

A Heavy Price

Danger is a constant force 
That presses ever closer 
When goals come into focus and 
The prize lies just ahead. 
Tiptoeing around it would be 
Prudent if not easier than 
Bulling past with helmet lowered 
Striking head to head. 
Lying dazed and shattered 
Hazed and tattered from the battle, 
Hearing sideline prattle wanting 
Desperately to know. 
Did I cross the goal line as 
The seconds ticked to nothing? 
Will I ride on shoulders or 
Is this the final show? 
Heroes are just suckers 
Offered up for sacrifice, 
Willingly forsaking as 
They pay a heavy price.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scary, Scary

Monster faces…
        Scary, scary…
Moaning, wailing 
        In the night. 
Bloody hands reach out 
        In darkness 
Searching for a 
        Throat to squeeze 
Til every ounce of 
        Precious life 
Has left the soul to 
        Take to flight, 
Every thought snuffed 
        Into blackness, 
Life stilled with 
        Delightful ease. 
Damn you, Monster! 
        Damn to Hell 
Your crass satanic 
        Evil ways. 
I defy your 
        Midnight revels, 
Stand with dagger, 
        Sword and shield. 
Ready to defend 
        My castle
With my last 
        Remaining breath. 
Breathe your fire. 
        Do your worst. 
I shall never, 
        Ever yield.

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