Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two

In fourteen hundred ninety two…
You know the rest.
Of course, you do.
Three ships upon uncharted seas
Unfurled their sails to venture west
Seeking passage, swift and new,
To fill the Royal treasure chest.
Intrepid souls who knew no fear
Undaunted in their magic quest.
Upon the helm, with watchful eye
He glides into the great unknown.
Never seeking alibi
He knows the choice is his alone.
Never asking how or why,
Not a sigh, a moan or groan.
The threat of failure ever nigh,
Enough to chill him to the bone.
Alas, the crow’s nest faithful cry.
His quest at last is won.
Where hope walks free and eagles fly
A brand new world is born.

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