Saturday, July 25, 2015

Getting to Truth

Swoons in silent circles.
Hides in shadows
     Dawn to setting sun.
Layered frowns of ups and downs
     Reflecting choices one by one.
Subtle comment
     Sudden conflict
Battle scar that never heal.
Time records
     And hearts remember
Every lie the truth reveals.
Hidden behind walls of quiet,
Trampled by a thunderous heard,
Wrapped in rhetoric, overstated or
Vanquished by a single word.
Delicate on angel wings.
Balancing on tilted scale.
Market price?
Sold by the slice.
Sign in window:
“Truth for Sale.”
So it goes and
No one knows just
Where it grows from seeds of youth.
Its journey fair to bring it where
Bright beacons glow on golden truth.

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Coming soon!!!!

A new book coming soon. A Glass Half Full: Selected poems of Dennis Sidney Martin.  Should be available in early September 2015.
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