Sunday, July 01, 2007

something new

At last, I have started a new collection of poems. Working title, "Grace Remembered". Here is the opening poem:


Swift… The sword can be
So unforgiving
Striking at random
In tandem or thrice
Stalking the night in
Succinct predilection
Pumped with bravado
Knowing no shame

Where is my White Knight
On galloping steed?
Swift to the fray he rides
Brandishing steel
Taking the mantel of
Conquering angel
Holding the laurel of
Sweet victory

Grace be my savior
Hope my redeemer
Yielding a kiss on
My welcoming cheek
Offering manna replete
Sweet with honey
Wrapped in blue velvet to
Comfort my soul

Blessings abide as
The sun hugs horizons
Always tomorrow in
His home or mine
Filled with a confidence
Fear cannot live in
A house blessed by grace.