Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whose Dream is This?

I won’t hear of world unrest today,
Even though I know that it exists.
Can’t let anger penetrate
The wall that I have built,
Nothing to disturb this restful bliss.

I’ll be turning off the evening news before it starts.
Nothing there but torment and unrest.
Nothing of the goodness
And the healing that I crave,
Puts my patient nurturing to test.

Don’t think for a moment I am callous,
Hardened and unfeeling to the plight.
Quite contrary. I have hope for all humanity.
I just don’t want to think of it
Or dwell on it tonight.

Give me just one moment of good graces.
Give me peace to close a hectic day.
Let serenity flood every corner of my mind.
Whose dream is this anyway?

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