Sunday, September 18, 2011

An American Dream

I wake up every morning, rub my eyes and ponder
On the wonders that the day may hold in store.
Knowing that the truth is there to stare back in my mirror
And the challenges that wait for me just outside my door.
Robins watch me drive away to capture new adventures
Just before the sunrise trickles in
To chase the moonlight’s beams,
And America comes back to life
With banners raised and hope revived
And skies unfold as multitudes go looking for their dreams.
It’s an American dream
Where every wish can come true
And the weak can be strong,
You can right any wrong
And your faith can shine through.
An American song that is just as it seems.
It’s a song filled with hope,
A song filled with joy
And American Dreams.
Heaven loves an optimist,
And glory waits for those
Who build their hopes and dreams on faith and peace and love.
I believe with every breath that this great land is over-blessed
With those who get their guidance from
A power up above.
It’s an American dream….
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