Sunday, September 25, 2011

To The Children of Saint Jude’s

All you ever have to do is look into those eyes
And a million inspirations flood your soul.
All the hope and wide-eyed wisdom
Reflected in a smile
Of a child whose fate is destined to unfold.
And you see behind the curtain
All the pain that is denied
As they suffer to find hope and hold on tight.
Another day is another gift,
Another battle to be won
To take away the darkness from their light.
Surrounded by the ones they love
And ones who come to love them,
Given every hope there is to give.
No false expectations,
Knowing all the odds,
They only seek the opportunity to live.
And many here will overcome
The demons that have plagued them
And leave to grow and fill their hearts desire.
And those who fought the valiant fight
And lost their final battle
Are heroes in the hope that they inspire.

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