Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marvelous Angels

A quick kiss goodnight
Then off to Dreamland,
Punching my ticket to sweet solitude,
Lolling and resting in quiet seclusion,
Cares become vaporous vanishing ghosts.

Far from the mad-hatter quicksand reality,
Safe from the fires that raged at my feet.
Seeking the freedom the spirit requires while
Sowing the seeds of replenishing fruit.

Flashes come quickly and stay but an instant,
Not long enough to scar memory’s core,
But something remains
As I know upon waking that
Burdens are lifted to start the new day.

Where do they come from? 
Marvelous angels
Born of a whisper
Lighter than air.
Resting with miracles
Waiting and ready
Til slumber awakens and calls them to play.
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