Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Life is just a deck of cards
To shuffle and deal, win or lose.
All who choose to play the game
Accept the levy of their fate.
The finite possibilities are unforeseen
Til hands are called and
Kismet floats with subtle kiss
To spin her wheel of destiny.

Eight ball rests upon the rail
Or teeters at the pockets edge 
As fools lay wager, skill or luck,
Bank or combination shot.
The level of a steady hand,
The measure of what’s meant to be,
Divinity or providence, the
End results are still the same.

And luck is but a fickle mistress
Pleading for just one more chance to
Grab the glory found in fortune
With no thought of consequence,
While Karma lingers near the borders
On her wild horse carousel
And fate the only one who knows
The final chapter of the tale.

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