Thursday, December 18, 2014


Sir Raven rides on velvet wings to
Cast and eerie shadow on an unsuspecting,
Unprepared, unenlightened muddled mob of
Misfits eager to be pleased,
Who dance the day away with ease
And pray the daylight fade away
To mask the folly of their play.

Darkness treks with silent footfall
Striding west to chase the sun,
Painting scenes of ghostly gray to
Cover cabin, field and farm. The
Quiet drifter’s subtle charm
Speaks soft romance by candlelight,
The coming of the sacred night.

Blessings of a peaceful slumber
Grace the chambers of repose to
Chase and banish daylight’s demons,
Consequence of battles born.
Rest a weary heart til morn
To wake upon a newborn day as
Nightfall gently slips away.

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