Monday, December 15, 2014

Sad Days Remembered

No. No, don’t need any more crying.
Had enough of that sad condition.
Battled that bastard into submission
Forward and back
         To the gates of Perdition.
Flooded a river, a lake and a sea leaving
Only a desert inside of me.

Forget you?
No. I can never forget you.
Don’t want to. Don’t want to miss the
Smile in your eyes,
The flower of surprise you always grew,
How your world was always fresh and new,
The downy feathers of a heart so true.
The oneness I could only find in you.

Sad days are worth remembering,
They’re with us anyway.
A tear-stained passage from an old love letter,
A wax-nostalgia marathon
Of berry-scented memories
To make the days to come feel so much better.

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