Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wet Floors

Caution! Cuidado!
Piso mojado.
Floors may be hazardous,
Slippery when wet. Though we
Try to foresee her with oracle eyes, 
The future rides vapors
Of hope and regrets.

She slides past the window, barely perceptible.
Vast possibilities offer a tease
Building blinding ambition of princes and palaces,
Dreams of a life rich with comfort and ease.

And who is her master?
Who is the one who holds every key?
Unlocks every door?
Who is her slave? Her butler? Her servant?
Doing her bidding while swabbing her floors.

Vague preparation prescribes perspiration
And ego engages in mocking behavior.
But no one may know when
The master comes calling,
So we slide across wet floors
And pray for her favor.

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