Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I’ll Call You

Waiting for a call that never comes,
Clinging to a mem’ry from a broken hollow shell.
I only paint my walls with promises,
A candle in the window,
As silence lingers in a way
I’ve come to know so well.
Heaven seemed so close that I could taste,
Til all that milk and honey disappeared without a trace
And left me standing here wondering what to do.
I wipe the tearstains from my pillow
As my heart breaks right in two.
You said, “I’ll call you.”
You knew it wasn’t true.
And I believed in you.
I feel like such a fool.
I’ll take my broken heart and put it on the mend,
And maybe someday I can learn to love again.
Time can cure, but some wounds never heal.
Holding on to better times
Can only serve to steal
A chance for happiness to share
With someone new.
Passing up on choices for
A dream that won’t come true.
You said, “I’ll call you.”
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