Saturday, December 31, 2005


iwritesomeI know I haven't posted anything for a while. No reason. Still working on Wordprattle. Only a few more pieces to go until it is finished and I can publish it on Here is the latest poem in the collection:


It’s everywhere. You just can’t miss it.
Turn on the TV,
Open a book,
A magazine,
It’s even plastered on billboards
In every direction your eyes turn to look.

Not that I mind.
Plus years have taught me to
Pick my poison in meager amounts,
Control the urge to
Act out in passion,
To dance round the fire
So the heat really counts.

When I was younger
I lapsed into overdose
Kicking and screaming,
Could not get my fill.
But now I am calm.
I take it in stride as
I stroll the far side
Of erotica’s hill.

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