Thursday, May 22, 2008

First poem from Rhythmic Notions

Feel the Rhythm

Do you feel the rhythm flowing
Through the life-veins of the street?
Catch the gentle rolling motion
As it plays beneath your feet.
In the early morning prattle
From a layered world of dreams
Comes an overflow of memory
Floating soft upon a stream.

And the way to turn is so clear
As you step into the heat.
You’re just listening to the rhythm
And following the beat.
It’s a million miles to Heaven
But the journey can be sweet
If you let the rhythm carry you away.

There’s a postcard in your mailbox
From a lover far away,
And you read each word a thousand times
Til the letters seem to fade.
And the rhythm of the words fall softly
From the printed page
And form another memory
To lock into your safe.

But the world keeps spinning,
Swaying to the rhythm of your soul
Til the evening falls just like a welcome friend,
And the beat subsides but never dies,
Just rests upon your mind,
And tomorrow you will start it all again,
And the rhythm wraps its arms around you
Like a long lost friend.

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