Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Page 90 of Rhythmic Notions. Almost done now.

Kiss Me Again

I remember it like yesterday,
The first time that you kissed me,
How it filled my simple heart with joy.
So far lost in happiness
Even now I must confess I was
Like a child with his favorite toy.
But you became so much more to me
In a world where we agree.
It’s a game we play where we both win.
I can’t wait for the next time,
The taste of your sweet lips on mine.
Kiss me once and then
Kiss me again.

Kiss me in the morning light.
Kiss me when we say goodnight
And a thousand kisses in between.
Tempt me with those lips that thrill.
I can’t seem to get my fill.
Kiss me once and
Kiss me again.

The years have slipped away somehow,
Brought us into here and now,
All the roads we’ve travelled hand in hand.
Hasn’t always been such fun
Putting devils on the run,
Keeping up with what our lives demand.
But one constant still remains
Through the trials and pouring rains,
One place where I know we always win.
Your sweet kisses every night
Always seen to make it right, so
Kiss me once and then
Kiss me again.

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Yvonne Perry said...

Tell folks about your interview on WITS Podcast May 22.