Monday, January 25, 2010

"Goodnight. I'll See You In The Morning"

How many nights have I slipped in beside you
After the trials of the long day are done?
Nestling in for a well-deserved respite
From all of the cares that the world has laid on.

Cold winter nights where the nip of the air
Bites the covers as you snuggle close to my side,
Hearing the heartbeat, which lulls you to sleep,
Seeking the warmth that our bodies provide.

The cool of the spring when the windows are
Finally open and we hear the sweet serenade
Of the nocturnal creatures who lulled us to sleep
And then woke us at dawn with their vocal parade.

Summertime heat can be quite overbearing,
And drives you away to the bed's other side.
A quick goodnight kiss and you scurry away
Wishing the bed was again twice as wide.

Of all the seasons I think I love autumn
The most, when all of the world heaves a sigh,
And you start to snuggle back into my arms.
I never complain… never ask why.

We end each evening with a kiss and
A solemn promise; not a warning.
Touching your cheek I softly pledge,
"Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning."

From "Love and Passions"

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Karen Pierce Gonzalez said...

This poem is beautiful. Its cadence follows the rhythm of falling gently into sleep.
Nice imagery!
Karen @ Folkheart Press

Vada and Joe said...

I love this poem.