Friday, February 05, 2010

Morning Awakens

Not quite dawn,
Not quite ready for
Long shadows from the morning light
Visiting in silent stillness
Just before the dawn awakens.

Gentle breeze outside an open
Window seems to call a name
In fervent whispers long ago
Nudging close to consciousness.

First beam breaks horizon,
Goes unnoticed to the naked eye
Til multitudes of searchlights
Bleach her crimson pallor into gold.

And creatures rise in worship
As the mighty dawn awakens,
Reverent in her majesty,
Blessed to greet the day.

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Nancy Kelly Allen said...

Your poetry sings, dances, and excites my soul. Love it.

Dennis S Martin said...

Thank you, Nancy. You can read more on my website

Cherie said...

Beautiful. Your imagery is wonderful, I can really "feel" the moment here and what a wonderful part of the day you've written about.

Donna B. Russell said...

Beautiful images creating a word painting of early morning--unfortunately, a time of day I seldom see because of my schedule. Thank you for the "picture."

LeisaHammett said...

Nice poetry.

Beth Trissel said...

Beautiful. I can really visualize your words.

sola said...

Nicely written ,nice rythm, your words help show us the time of day you're describing.

James Ross said...


This is wonderful imagery. Early morning is one of my favorite times of the day. I love the possibilities that a new dawn brings. And, I admit, I view your beautiful words through my perspective as a golfer. I love being outside on the course as the sun rises, enjoying the fresh air and colors of the sky that can only be found at that moment.

I look forward to reading more of your work.