Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Youth has its own way of
          Running in sprints,
Burning the light of a thousand candles,
Searching through nights abandoned of fear,
          Reaching for dreams in a million stars.
Humor abounds in unbridled ambition as
Taste for success adds fuel to the fire
          To quicken the pace as
          It blurs the horizon
And pushes the pack with relentless pursuit.
But steps take a toll
          As the effort increases.
                   The runner grows weary.
                   Focus turns weak til
The wall of epiphany rises and falls
And truth at last is unkindly revealed.
Life is a marathon
          Meant to be run so that every nuance
          Unfolds in its time.
The roses … sweeter,
          The air crisp and clean
When the race and its pace cuddle
          Close to sublime.
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