Saturday, August 23, 2014


No doubt the hungry heart is truly blessed
In simple way, imponderable to know.
When grants the gift to see a brand new morn,
The miracle of life is set aglow.
To see, to hear, to taste or gently touch her,
To know each subtle fragrance on the air
Takes pause to dance unique before her footlights
And heal the soul with gentle loving care.
There is no true, no false where blessing settle,
No day or night, no sun or moon to guide.
In frothy waves that rush to greet her shoreline
She fills the swell, the ebb of every tide.
No levy can be measured on her favor,
Nor count be known when blessings fair descend.
She knows no foe, no barrier can stop her
As she glides in weightless wonder with the wind.
I gaze into her humble eyes of passion
To find the wisdom in the gift she brings.
To know the selfless joy that she pays forward
And share her satisfaction…
                                           My heart sings.

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