Saturday, November 01, 2014


Buster came a to bless our souls but a short tim
Early in our lives;
Just one among a litter,

Nothing special, not as I recall.
‘Bout two shades shy of adorable,
A flop-eared, stumbling, bumbling pup;
Long-tongued, face-lapping beagle hound
With a touch of bird dog wanderlust.
Ravenous, bottomless biscuit chaser
Eager to please when food was about.
Relentless hunter leading the pack,
Howling while others lagged yapping in tow.
Fearless protector of all his domain,
Loyal to those who belonged to his court.
Even his feline companions were cherished
When danger drew near to require his defense.
Buddy. Companion. Guardian. Friend.
A king in his kingdom.
A pauper at heart.
We thought that our brotherhood would last forever.
If only he hadn’t loved chasing cars.
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