Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Old Veteran

Reposed in silence, back to the wall
Reflecting on those glory days
He can’t forget, won’t forget til end of time,
Searching reason without rhyme.
Shoulders not so broad as then,
Stooped forward in a awkward sway
Except for when Old Glory passes
In review as Souza plays.
Grizzled chin and wrinkled brow belay
The swagger known in youth when
Worlds were open, energy unbound and
Fear an unknown truth.
Answering the call to service he
Never stopped to question fears
Even though he knew his choice would
Bring his mother lakes of tears.
Raspy voice, much slower now reflects
The glory known to few
Of battles fought, brothers lost,
Fears recalled as darkness grew.
Let any who might need to know rush
To seek his sage advice.
There is wisdom from experience,
The offspring of self-sacrifice.
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