Monday, March 08, 2010

Air – Earth – Fire – Water

Earth revolves, evolves, resolves
Her issues with the universe,
Spawning her own children by
The million billion trillions.
Unafraid and unashamed,
Unabashed by circumstances,
She creates and recreates then
Reinvents herself.

Air to breathe the gift of life,
Air to bathe in sunlight’s glow,
Feeding, breeding, never needing,
Always yielding with the flow.

Fire raging unafraid,
Bold and brave its hunger feeds
Until its taming offers warmth
To satisfy the basic needs.

Water, water everywhere,
Giver, taker, miracle-maker,
Mystery of mysteries
Riding high upon her seas.

And all are tied and intertwined,
All dependant one on one,
All inclusive,
Always reaching for the sun.

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Karen Pierce Gonzalez said...

Such a great rhythm and meter in this poem. Congratulations!
Karen/Folkheart Press

Yvonne Perry said...

I am so thankful that I am not the only one in my family who embraces goddess/earth-based philosophies. I knew I had a connection with my cousin Dennis that was beyond our common thread as writers.

Yvonne Perry